Ken Scott complaints. Post here! Keep the other topics about waivers.

J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

Ken, this is a safe place for you to complain about anyone you see fit. If people want to read it, they can, if they want to speak about waiver business, they can stick to the main topics.


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@Ken just pointing out that when your going to post personal attacks, far better to do it here. This is to benefit everyone who wants to stick to waivers.

Notice I am putting this HERE. I am making the mistake of responding to your statements on the same thread you post them, but if we could keep this unprofessional behaviour HERE, this will help people who need access to information.

J Rogers replied 19 hours ago   #20


So you have posted pictures of me, and my children you have stolen off Facebook. Its disgusting that you do this, and NO ONE is going to trust someone who engages in this type of behaviour. If you will do this to someone, are we to expect that you will keep clients information secure and that you respect privacy.

Again, you have posted picture of my children before.

The picture is a few year old in our smaller office. It was aimed at my coaches where I train in MMA/BJJ. They know I hate "Gi" work, so I finally got a new one. You see Ken I have been training in BJJ since the 1990's. I did it originally to have offseason training for rugby. The I really got into it. When I was 40 I won the over 30 "no-gi" Canadian Championship (I have posted the link before) and finished 2nd in the Gi...same category.

Everything you WANT to be, I am. Waiver expert. Successful business. Clients. Real office. Accredited by the RCMP. Canadian. (your British, not a Canadian Citizen) I am even the "ninja" you pretend to be. I am actually an expert in fighting. I even have a family.

Your just a guy in a tiny apartment in the UK. Your whole persona is fake. You know a lot about waivers, but the rest? Stuff you made up.

J Rogers replied 1 day ago   #19

Dear forum members:

The forum has now degraded due to the presence of trolls. It was initially designed to share helpful information between consenting members. Unfortunately, this has been an extremely difficult thing to facilitate due to trolls, and it seems that a certain individual here is desperate to make quick sales. This individual/ “waiver provider” has already been proven to be deceptive, racist, wears oversized clothing, unqualified to do these cases and willing to pick fights with anyone here. He is also desperate to know my actual personal location and does not understand the concept of a global economy and multiple corporate locations. 👺

This individual got married to a woman (Jennifer Martel) in 2014 that owns a fingerprinting business. She has owned the business since 2005 or so to present. She is accredited by the RCMP to do fingerprinting. Her family members are considered to be “deemed accredited” based on being under her umbrella. She can revoke this accreditation herself at any given time.

Hence, this individual’s “accreditation” is solely based on being under her umbrella. He himself is not directly accredited individually without her name/umbrella. Hence, she can contact the security officer and immediately order his status to be terminated. He cannot legally do this to her due to his inferior status level under the accreditation chain. He has been deceptive about this topic (and in general) since 2017 and has created Grade 3 safe space rooms on this forum. He is not serious about this work and refused to assist me in the room called “US Entry Waiver Denied.” 🤔

I possess superior critical thinking skills, analytical adroitness, and use detailed logic and deductive reasoning. I believe that this was developed when I played Chess at 5 years old. This also includes but is not limited to constructing 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles during the young and developmental years of my childhood. I also attended private school in my childhood years, and the military services in my early teens and 20’s. 🧐

Anyway, I have constantly documented my border crossing issue points with the appropriate links and attachments to the relevant and proper laws, regulations, and statutes. This individual has never done such due to an inability to grasp the basic foundations of law. He also has many major insecurities that could explain his questionable behaviour. He also displays extremely jealousy to professionals such as lawyers. I speculate that this is due to his inability to attain such an honoured title. 🧐

Also note that accreditation means nothing if the personnel do not possess the proper knowledge, skills, or ability to perform these services skillfully and professionally. It has already been unquestionably proven that SORNA charts are used by CBP to adjudicate sex assault waiver cases. However, this individual has admitted himself that he chooses to disregard them. This same individual has also told people on here to lie/issue false statements to CBP at a port of entry. This is a violation under the U.S. Immigration Nationality Act, 18 USC 1001 and more. You can foolishly subject yourself to federal prosecution if you choose to follow this individual’s instructions. 😲

I will not bash this individual since I understand that everyone has to eat. My administrator does feel sympathy for him though. We get many calls from forum members that genuinely need help. Anyone that has spoken to me on the phone here knows that I am a very chill individual and will often provide free information. They also know that I do not expect any financial compensation.

Obviously, we will quote the person a rate if they wish to retain our services. However, everyone is aware that we exert 0% pressure on the people that contact us. It seems that the Ontario Discount waiver companies will do anything to make a sale here on this platform. We have repeatedly said that are not looking for, and nor expect any business from this platform.

One of the main reasons is because our rates are on the higher end of the scale and possibly unaffordable to some people. We completely understand this situation. Hence our main goal on here is to build awareness to the many issues facing waiver clients.

Another reason is that we often run into people that have been ripped off by these $699 companies. Often their cases have been poorly prepared and require major work undoing the damage caused by them. Unfortunately, this sometimes can be financially stressful for the person. The bottom line here is that you should choose wisely whom you retain to prepare your case. Remember that some cases will qualify for a September Letter aka lifetime clearance.

We have 3 locations in B.C., 1 in Tallinn, Estonia, 1 in London, England and an empty one in Washington State. WE do have a corporate box to receive such post from the locations. However, the clients that have attended our locations are more than aware of their existence. We have chosen to not disclose our locations to the aforementioned individual due to his erratic behaviour.

Anyway, I may indeed be guilty of arrogance and pompousness. However, this goes with the territory when you have to deal with Harvard & Yale trained criminal and immigration lawyers. These Los Angeles based professionals will chew you up if they sense any degree of weakness. It is also my personality in general.

In closing, I will say that people here have the free will to choose whomever that they desire to prepare their cases. This is not a self endorsement. However, do your due diligence before you use any waiver provider, and this includes pertaining to us. I will continue trying to provide you with relevant content. Note that the aforementioned individual will continue to troll and will provide little to no valuable information. You have already seen me in our YouTube videos.

AS a courtesy, I have posted an image of the aforementioned trolling individual, so you can make your own judgment. 😲

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 2 days ago   #18

Anyone notice Ken is becoming more "British" everytime he posts?

"knickers". "sport" lol.

He has been out of the country now for over a year, and he has completely lost all semblance of being Canadian.

I bet your accent has gotten really "english" again.

But during a pandemic, I guess its better to be home, close to family right?

J Rogers replied 2 days ago   #17

@John Hey sport do not get your knickers in a twist since you have already been proven a liar regarding this accreditation issue. The irony to all this is that a proven racist "accredited" liar has been caught in his own “accreditation” lie. 🤣 Now this one will go down in the history Sport, you remind me of an old call that we went on.

A person called 911 to report that their dealer sold them some bad product. The dispatch operator offered to send officers to test it. The person agreed and me and my trainer responded to the call. The person pulled out some black tar Heroin for testing and we tested it. It came back positive. The person could not figure out why they were being arrested since they only wanted it tested. Sport was this guy one of your relatives? 🤣

So, Sport, here is another question. Why did it take you 4 years to finally admit all of this? Either way sport, you have been proven to have issued deceptive statements to facilitate obtaining income. 👍 You call your fellow DWCs deceptive, but you have done the same thing. In fact, yours is worse because you have done it over a 4-year period or more...and with the intent to obtain revenue from people here. Lol Na... I not gonna let ya get away with this one Sport! 👍

Anyway, I am done with you on this topic since I have proven my point to everyone here...Sport. You have been schooled, owned, and again put in your proper place online in a public forum. So essentially, if anyone needs these services in Ontario, they should contact the actual “owner” to get any assistance. The hired help cannot be trusted since they like to engage in deceptive behaviour. In fact, Sport...your deception has now put Jennifer’s company in a negative light. Hmmm I wonder if she is aware of your online activities. We both know that she is not Sport.

However, you still have not addressed the accreditation issue regarding having the technical knowledge to prepare these cases. Accreditation is worth $2.50 or less if the preparer does not have an established and proven track record Sport.😉

Anyway Sport, why is your name not on the accreditation letters again? 😉

K SCOTT replied 2 days ago   #16


One person is ALWAYS the "main officer". Everyone is accredited under that person. That person appears on the accreditation. I also rarely fingerprint, the other staff usually does that.

How is that checkmate when this is the 10th time I have explained this to you?

We at On The Spot Fingerprinting/Pardon and Waiver Experts are accredited. We have been vetted by the RCMP.

You, are not accredited. Are we all clear?

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #15


Ahhhh well you just stepped into my minefield that I had set up for you Sweet 😏 So, in this room you finally admit that "Jennifer is the "main officer/accredited official" so the accreditation has her name on it." This is what I had been saying all along that she is the primary. Your "accreditation" is at the mercy of her decision as to whether to kick you out or not.

This is what I have been saying all along when I said that YOU YOURSELF are not ACCREDITED by the RCMP. She is the actual accredited official. You can play the word game that you are accredited under her umbrella. However, she has the final say so and can remove you if she sees fit. PLEASE TELL ME THAT I AM INCORRECT REGARDING THIS STATEMENT. 😏

Now I have been saying this all along for the past 2 years and you kept denying it. Now you literally came out of the closet and admitted/confirmed what I have been saying all Man I love it and have caught you in one of the biggest

Hence you have been deceptive for the past 2 years here regarding your accreditation and profession. Based on the fact that you also admitted to being a Utilities Consultant. Now I do not care how you earn a living...However, do not bash the Discount Waiver Companies/competitors when you have been deceptive on here at various time since 2017. As you have now freely admitted.

Yeah, I can tell that you were never a chess player or card

K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #14


Jennifer is the "main officer" so the accreditation has her name on it. Its easy to look up. 3 of us are accredited here.

Express Pardons, Trusted Pardons, Ken Scott all have the same thing in common. NO ACCREDITATION. Think about that. Companies are FIGHTING for affiliates.

Don't trust anyone not accredited. Plus why take an "extra step"? When you come to me or Michelle, its one stop shopping. You can sit an a REAL OFFICE.

Convenience AND reliability. + Transparency. it equals happy clients.

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #13

@ John there is just the 1 nagging question that you keep failing to answer.Why is your name not on either of the accediation letters for Jennifer's company? Do you deny the fact that I have a copy of both letters? It is a simple yes or no question. Please explain this to the forum since you keep playing the accrediation card. 😏

Also, I believe that Express Pardons was "accredited" to do fingerprints. Well, we can already see what happened in that case. Accrediation means fuck all if the DWC has no idea what they are doing. Immigration lawyers are unquestionably accredited but some have no clue how to win these cases.

So yeah, you need a new card to play Sport, since the accrediation card is an empty as your wallet. Oh and btw son...the money that you make from allegedly doing 70 prints....well Sport we make that on 1 cient per hour. Hence was why I said that you needed the money. 😏 Maybe I will show you in a youtube video... Sport. 😏

Also, the main question is why do you care so much about me Sport? I can assure you that the feeling is not mutual. 😏

K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #12

@Ken. I want you to keep your personal insults, which you are entitled to make, to this "safe" space. In this way, people can get the information they need, and can have the CHOICE of whether to read what you write.

You could have a completely viable business and run it form the UK if you like. But if your not HONEST with your clients about your location, how can they trust you? There is nothing wrong with working remotely. I have clients in BC. I am not in BC. I tell them that up front.

But then again, it is CLEAR we have a real office, not a mailbox. Remember, we are accredited by the RCMP. You are not. Remind us again, with all the companies that provide fingerprinting equipment and are FIGHTING for more affiliates (I just got an email form the commissionaires this week soliciting) why you could not get accreditation?

A few possibilities
-bad credit
-fraud conviction
-not being able to provide proper references
-not living in Canada.
-not a Canadian Citizen

Which one? Its can't be "I am not interested in money, or fingerprinting my own clients", so it must be one of these.

WHich one?

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #11

What is this nonsense that you are babbling about now John? Oh btw there is really no need to elaborate on your topic. Again, this is based on the topic that you know absolutely nothing about me. Smh You have no idea what I have done before in life. I am sorry that you have done nothing with your life.

Besides Sport..why would a "waiver expert" create such a room that is a waste of time?

K SCOTT replied 4 days ago   #10


Just a reminder, when your talking about actual topics, use the forum. When your being hostile, trying to draw attention to yourself, insulting me, or when you are drunk, please use THIS part. That way, people can skip or read the drama, but others can find REAL information on waivers or things that are usually including in a forum like this. I'll even But lets keep the rest clear.

J Rogers replied 5 days ago   #9


well actually I have flown on C-141s, C-17s, Hueys & Blackhawks in the past in certain countries. However, it had nothing to do with fingerprinting. Also, not gonna elaborate too much on this topic. Hence, you are actually not necessarily too far off with your statement. I have also flown on a C-141 from McChord AFB in Washington State to Travis AFB in California before.

I doubt this. But I have an open mind. I didn't bother when you mentioned expensive cars since we know that isn't true, but I am going to call you on this fiction for sure. No one did all that and doesn't have a single picture. So lets see a picture of you in ANY of these. I am happy to apologize if you can prove it.

Cue Kens deflections.........NOW.

J Rogers replied 5 days ago   #8

@John, I understand that your reading comprehension level is low and Alzheimer’s kicks in at times. Hence, I apologize for you and your behaviour. Anyway, SPORT, I have repeatedly said that I only release whatever info I feel deemed to share with you on this platform. Unlike you, I do not have a need to post to social media and seek validation. WE all know here that you wear the apron at home and your boss Jennifer is the shot caller. I think it is a good thing since it is the closeted racist OLD guys like you that have traditionally repressed and shamed women. Smh. Now the shoe is on the other foot for Hmmm what is the term…eunuch?? lol

As usual, you also have no clue what we are doing since we have not shared it with you on this platform. You are only aware of whatever I deem necessary to release to you. Plus, why do you feel the need to have to constantly justify yourself to me? I know that I am your master, but I do not care about you or your stories. Especially since they change as often as the weather. lol It is fine since you still belong to and work for me for free…

However, the relevant people are well of what we do and visit us for such services. I understand that you need your other master’s polaroid business since people do need various photos taken. A lot of people do elect to use the photo booth at the mall for such things and do not need to pay you $4.99 to get their pic taken. Yeah, you ONLY WISH that you had 3 passports like me since then you would not be limited to your 1-man box begging for scraps. lol

So here is a psychological though for people. When they see an OLD Kodak, polaroid camera or Oldsmobile Delta 88 commercial on you tube or wherever, they will immediately think of you since these items are synonymous with your era.... You know old camera...old man However, to be fair, those cameras are a novelty item now.

Also, SPORT, I though you were going to make a post and point out my alleged inconsistencies? Yup exuding flatulence again as usual. I am kinda disappointed because your feeble presentational attempts actually help me to reinforce my future trial litigation skills.

K SCOTT replied 1 week ago   #7


Sorry, I should answer your last post here.

1. My hours in the office are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-4 and Saturdays 11-2 (no appointment necessary)
2. When I am not in the offices, we forward the phones to my cell. So 24/7 coverage/contact
3. We do passport photos as an "add on" because PR clients doing fingerprints sometimes need a photo too.
4. "$1.99 picture in a mall" Malls are closed. Those pictures have to be stamped and done to certain specifications, have you never had a passport?
5. You have no clue what is happening here in Canada, do you? Shouldn't you at least WATCH Canadians news for the purpose of "pretending" your in Canada?

Its hilarious that you will mock passport photos when your literally trying to do a "fix your credit subscription service" where your trying to bilk people out of $39.00 per month. At least the people get a passport, in your case it is a complete scam and we all know it. I notice you haven't mentioned it much since your "launch". And for good reason.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #6

@ken, this is me keeping Ken news on this thread.

I feel sorry for you. Alone in the UK. Desperately trying to stay relevant. Resorting to personal insults, pretending your some guru, signing " Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst" when your just a one man show, from a small apartment in England. Probably struggling to even pay for your BC mailbox. Hiding from scrutiny.

Ken, bad news my friend. Because of the variant, they are now predicting a THIRD wave here in Canada. Vaccines are very slow. Bad news for others too, but we have other streams of revenue. You clearly do not. Hopefully for everyone, the vaccines catch up with the population before the fall.

Waivers COULD take longer to restart again than we thought, based on the news here in Canada. Of course, I hope not.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #5


We are a corporation. I don't see how this eludes you, but the company is Pardon and Waiver Experts. 3 of us working here are accredited, although I rarely fingerprint. You cannot get accredited, so I will explain. We are carefully vetted. Can't have bankruptcy, no complaints of a fraudulent nature, must meet very strict requirements. Must be a resident of Canada. (I assume this is part of your problem)

One person is the "main officer". The others are accredited "under" them. Again, I hope I have give you some insight.

And I worked at NUS Consulting before I did pardons actually. Nortel was one of my clients, some of the major airlines as well. All my credentials are authentic. No pretend "i was a ninja CIA microbiologist intelligence analyst" because it is not needed.

People trust me because I don't need to embellish anything. I have very loyal clients who can reach me 24/7 or come and see me whenever I am in the very real office. I am transparent, nothing hidden. Even my Facebook is wide open. SInce you have taken images of my children from there, you already know this.

You see Ken, I have the business you WISH you had. But, I definately don't do "credit repair" so that is ALL yours.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #4

@ John, I thought this room was your Grade 3 safe space room? Also, when will you get accredited since you talk about accreditation? your name on the 2 accreditation letters that I have in my possession regarding Jennifer's company? It is a simple yes or no It's funny since I only see her name listed. Just a basic question as they relate to the facts that you are failing to mention.

Man, you really are desperate for business...Are you not making enough sales with your full-time job as a Utilities Consultant? Do not lie and say that you never told me on the phone in 2017 that you are a Utilities Consultant. rofl Also John be honest and admit to everyone here that the business is owned by Jennifer and you are only the hired help. Don't know why you are so ashamed to admit this She calls the shots and runs the show. I am actually glad that she runs the show and gives you the Anyway, I hope you do not wear your apron when you are selling cable to new

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #3

$499 Ontario Discount Waiver Companies

What Ken really means, are companies that are Accredited by the RCMP, can do fingerprints, Pardons, Waivers, and some like us, even do passport pictures.

No one really charges $499. But when use use a company for Pardons/Waivers always do the following

-Make sure they are accredited by the RCMP. That means they were vetted and also saves you time and money because they can do your fingerprints. Most importantly, the companies that control access WANT more companies as affiliates. No accreditation means a PROBLEM. AVOID.
-Make sure they have a real price list. If they don't, they are going to charge you what they think you can afford, and your going to pay more than other people
-Make sure they have a real office. Not a mailbox. Don't deal with someone you can't find. They may not even be in Canada.
-Check their reviews. Then call and ask questions. Before you start, VISIT them and don't be rushed.
-Make sure they will do ALL the work. For pardons, you should be able to come to the office, get fingerprinted, and sign blank forms. There is no reason YOU should have to write out measurable benefits, or obtain your own documents. For waivers, you should be able to get help with the reference letters, and the personal letter should be written for you. Also ask where you will hand in the waiver and why. Also, should you use eSAFE? Why or why not?

Lastly, how easy are they to contact? They should have PUBLISHED office hours. Michelle for example has real office hours, and WANTS clients to come to her office. We not only have published office hours, but I forward the phones AFTER hours, so that clients can reach me 24/7. Can i look up your file on Friday night at 9pm? No. But if your stuck at a border you drove 3 hours to get to, and there is a problem, I can be reached easily. No voicemail here, EVER.

The service at the beginning should be the same as the service AFTER you have started. Avoid places you have to pretend to be a new client to talk to a live person. Pardons Canada on St.Clair in Toronto is NOTORIOUS for being hard to reach after you have paid them.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #2

Don't need a safe space my friend since unlike you, I was raised as a man to handle my own business. I also have no one to complain about. You already are making my case for me by creating this silly room, when I warn people about the dangers and foolishness of using these $499 Ontario Discount Waiver Companies. Why else would an Ontario DWC create this idiotic room on a public forum where people are desperately seeking help with their waiver cases?

You make it way too easy for me to show people what happens when you hire Elmo's Pardons & Waivers to do a professional smh. Man you are way too soft and do not take this work seriously…lol Anyway, your work is done for the day and ya gotta go and warm up your 1986 Oldsmobile Delta 88 since it is winter. lol

Btw John..... you still do not realize that you are being played like a fiddle and inadvertently paying some of my business expenses for me. smh lol Keep up the good work sport!!!

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

Pro tip: Use to add links, quotes and more.