Ken Scott clearly lives in the UK. He is NOT in Canada.

J Rogersposted 1 year ago

Video proof.

Ken, on November 9th 2020 you were seeing a client "from Ireland" in England. (As you pointed out in the video)

So we have seen you are actually working from your cramped apartment (recent video) and now in THIS video you are pretending to be in "bigger" offices. But anyone can see this is a "business center" where you rent "rooms" by the hour. Your offices are "not upstairs" as you state. There are no people upstairs "running around". I do like the suit better than your previous wardrobe.

You don't need fancy offices. You technically don't have to be in Canada. You have expertise. You have something to offer people.

You NEED to be honest and transparent. When you surround ANYTHING with deception, you taint it.

Why don't you use your obvious talents and surround them with the TRUTH.

I am Ken Scott. I am working in the UK, but I am an expert in border issues. I don't have an office right now, but that makes me flexible and available, regardless of covid.

This isn't hard Ken. But I am not going to allow you to make money off of clients who don't have full disclosure, or think your something you are not.

This forum EXISTS for transparency and knowledge. You can either use it for THAT, or be fact checked. You choose.

Replies (recent first):

I can not divulge who I am but, Unfortunately Ken doesn't have the ability to be completely transparent. He has a lot to hide including his name, where he is from, who his family is, wither he is married, single or divorced, has children ( which he does..but he doesn't claim them as his neither does he pay child support for them). Its just his personality to be shady..even his friends say the same. Everything he says about himself is to make himself look and sound better than he actually is . Just don't believe anything he has to say about his personal life, because its most likely not true. However if you need assistance with waivers ..I am assume Ken is your man, I personally have never have has to do business with him. I cant speak to his business endeavors if they are above board or not ( one only wonders).

oneanonymousperson replied 3 weeks ago   #6

Again, none of this has any relevance to helping people on their cases. The people that have called in over the past 5 days, and I have asked them if they care where I am. All have said that they do not care where I am located. Some have said that they are impressed with the fact that we have these locations and want to know more.

This is another reason why I warn people about the dangers of using these $649.88 Discount Waiver Companies. They are way too focus/interested in me instead of spending time on their case work. I just wonder how they have so much free time to engage in this behaviour since I do not.

Again, the important people already know where I am and this includes some of the forum people that have called and emailed us this week.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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KSCOTT replied 1 year ago   #5

@Ken Scott, "book" a trip to London?

You are in Surrey UK. It is only 57 minutes to London UK by car.

Oh.....your still pretending your in some other country. Except your video clearly said "Surrey UK" when I clicked on the "location". Also you are in lockdown in England. So I expect the same videos from the same crowded little apartment.

Glad I could clarify for you.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #4

It does not matter what the troll will post in this room. The word is apparently already getting around about how to do a pardon. We do not have to prove anything to trolls since the evidence of what we offer has already unquestionably established. People, use your own judgment when you are doing your own research. The Discount Waiver Companies will stop at nothing to keep milking the pardon cows. Think I will book a trip to the London UK office in December to check on things and do another video there.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

k scott replied 1 year ago   #3


It matters where you are for a couple of reasons.

-You wouldn't admit you have been in England for over a year? Why the secrecy?
-You closed down any offices you DID have, and are now nothing in Canada but a mailbox. People need to know that
-Maybe people want to use a company/person who is ACCOUNTABLE and PRESENT in the same country they are.

None of this would matter if you didn't deceive, misdirect, and outright lie. If you want people to trust you, be transparent.

Do you really think anyone thinks you have a bunch of offices all over the world you are keeping secret? Or that the same guy doing a YouTube video from a small room in a cramped apartment is some world traveller with multiple residences?

Get real.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #2

Ok clown so do I have to do a Youtube episode and interview the gentleman from Dublin that came to the London office around Oct-Nov2019? He will make you look more stupid than usual when he reminds you that he came down around Oct 2019. Also, another gentleman came to the Yorkshire office and that was around the the same time. The last time I checked, the current year is 2020.

Again though...You have no idea of my location since it is irrelevant and none of your personal business. Again, I must also point out that I could be on the moon and it still makes no difference since I have global locations in BC, Europe and Wash State. People that come in will either see me or one of my associates depending on when they come in.

Also there is a device that can teleport people to various parts of the Earth. This device is called an aircraft, and I have foolishly used this device even during Covid.Just wanted to give you this breaking news since I still at times visit locations as needed and endure the lockdown periods. I believe that I have also told you before that I have residential property in Surrey BC, London UK andWash State.smh. The important people already know where I am sitting and come by constantly to visit. This includes the Surrey BC gentleman that was in the last show.

Besides, why do you give a flying flamingo where I am? Oh yeah guess it is just like me sitting inmy "box" Yeah the gentleman sure was so cramped that the door could not be locked on the smh at your ever evolving stupidity. Also, shouldn't you be focused on your little digital fingerprinting experiment instead of me? smh

I will give you one good thing though...Your jaw flapping has just given me a new idea again. We will now increase our private seminars to clients so that some do not even have to come in to any of our locations. We already did them before but you gave me a more advanced idea on how to deliver the platform to themin a even better efficient manner.

Thank you for your great ideas sir and please just keep them coming.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 1 year ago   #1

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