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Mike 95posted 8 years ago

My record is sealed in my home country (Canada) but it is forever locked into the United states record system (NCIC). I belive this is the case for every person who needs a us waiver - the record is permanently stored in their files.

My question is has anyone had trouble accessing another country due to the country checking multiple data bases? For example checking your home country system and findig nothing, but then scanning NCIC and finding a record that was transferred into us files?

Or do countries only check your home files when letting you in or giving you a tourist visa.

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@notalawyer Yes they have access but unlike the US which has direct access to probably every database during primary screening..all the other countries would only access these databases if they have reason to be suspicious and pull you into secondary screening

MikeG replied 8 years ago   #3

@MikeG I disagree. UK, Australia, etc are all part of five eyes and have access to CPIC.

@Mike95 I think there is a possibility (for example) at UK entry they could check multiple databases, CPIC (Canada) and FBI database (US) if they have suspicion. Always best not to lie to any border guard in any country. If they ask if you have a criminal record (and you don't have a record suspension) you'll need to fess up.

notalawyer replied 8 years ago   #2

I'm pretty sure the US is the only country that is able to access Canadian records at their whim. I asked this question about the UK and Australia and it sounds like they are less strict about entry requirements with a criminal record.

MikeG replied 8 years ago   #1

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