Importing offences - Considered Very serious.

J Rogersposted 1 month ago

This client was denied for an importing cocaine in 2011 from Guyana to Canada. 6 year sentence. Waiver denied. He also had a 2016 impaired.

I have seen since Christmas especially a "crackdown" on Importing offences. Even if it is old, you are likely to just get a 1 year waiver first. With the 6 year sentence they said "you filed the application less than 5 years later" (the conviction was in June he filed in in March)

Firearms offences are the opposite. You wave a handgun around a dance club? September Letter. I am not kidding.

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@Glom The sentence is longer than the waiting time when you tack on the sentence. Importing is the main problem here, but I would have said at least 2 more years waiting.

When they decide "no" then they tack on as much as possible to make it hard to appeal. Also Canadian sentences are considered lenient. 6 years is a HUGE sentence. Marco Muzzo only got 10 years for killing 4 people. 3 of them children.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

So when should have this person have applied after the 6 year sentence?

Not understanding this less than 5 years later .thank you

Glom replied 1 month ago   #1

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