I-192 waiver and obtaining my court record

Max2rposted 1 year ago


I am working on the I-192 waiver for the first time. I had my fingerprints done and got a response back. But I am a little perplexed by how I should obtain my court record.

Should I go to the physical court house I dealt with in-person (I am not presently in the same city), or can I request it online? I am in Quebec, as I imagine it may vary by province.

Thanks kindly!

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Call my friend in Montreal. His name is Manni. He will tell you what to do, and he can also do translations, which are accepted. Tell him John Rogers sent you.

Manni 514-733-8571. If the number doesn't work, call me. 416-843-1371.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #8

Greetings, a follow-up: I went to the courthouse in question (though I understand any location works).

The aforementioned French part is the "Proces-verbal informatise," and the lady gave me a blank English version ("Computerized Minutes") of that sheet, and said remaking that in English was impossible (as it was filled out way back when).

In retrospect, I think I will have to go back (though, I will go to a larger courthouse that is better suited in English), as the 'remarks' section has some French stamps on it, and three words written in pen in French. As I can't imagine them taking too kindly with having to compare the original French with an English sheet, alas.

I imagine this is the case? Is there anyone else in Quebec with similar experience?

Thanks greatly all, and J Rogers!

Max2r replied 1 year ago   #7

Thanks for the information! I will re-request and be certain it is just in English!

Max2R replied 1 year ago   #6


ENGLISH ONLY and the age does not matter AT ALL

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #5

Hello, follow-up:

I had actually requested my court record in the past (in-person, hence the original question), and thought I misplaced it, but found it.

Anyway, two questions: I read elsewhere here that court record remains the same, and do not need to be requested again (for subsequent waivers). As, the court record request is from a few years ago.

So, question 1, is this one okay to use despite being a few years old? And question 2, the summons sheet is in English (and , but the dossier page is in French; should I re-request and make sure it is fully English?

Thanks very much!

Max2r replied 1 year ago   #4

Thanks for the post J Rogers. It was a minor offense, well, resulted in 1 year probation, which resulted in not getting across the border a ways back. I will take a better look at their website(s), old fashioned request in writing sounds good, and I suppose I could call the court in question.

Tiffany, well, I got confirmation of a record, but, it was surprisingly quick, I think just 3 weeks give or take.

Max2r replied 1 year ago   #3

You can send a request in writing. If it is an older record, or fairly minor, you might be able to skip that step.

If your uncomfortable posting details, you can also call me. 905-459-9669 ask for John.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #2

How long did it take you to get the prints back from rcmp?

Tiffany replied 1 year ago   #1

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