I-192 late?

JayRposted 5 months ago

Can anyone help me. My I-192 was submitted on Mar.29 to ARO. I still have not heard anything back but I see on here they are processing May. Is there somebody I should contact? Is there something I should do?
Thank you.

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Check the thread. Handing in Waivers- Processing and Timelines
Latest I see is May 26

casper replied 3 months ago   #8

how do you see what month they are processing?

Test replied 3 months ago   #7

@JayR did you get your waiver approved ?

KC replied 4 months ago   #6

Thank you very much. Your help and this forum is greatly appreciated!

JayR replied 5 months ago   #5

September letter is you don’t need a waiver for ever unless you do something wrong.Keep copy of stating you don’t need a waiver if someone asked which is not going to happen I am sure.@JayR

Malik replied 5 months ago   #4


Its a letter that says "you do not need a waiver".

You can enter normally.

But I have a couple like you, that are just late. And your correct, you should have no problem getting a waiver.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #3

Thank you very much. My criminal record is from over 30 years ago. Only one of the 5 charges even still had the court records. I sent in certified copies of what I received from the court offices.
May I ask what a September letter is?
This is my first application. I don't believe I am borderline as my charges are from over 30 years ago. I have since gone to school, received 2 diplomas and now am the CEO of my own high-tech firm. I hope I am not borderline.

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated. :)

JayR replied 5 months ago   #2

Honestly, it just means one of three things.

1. They have bumped it to a supervisor

a) you might get rejected
B) you might get a short waiver
c) you might get a September letter

Is this your first application? Are you "borderline?

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #1

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