I-192 canadian living in U.K

Rws999posted 3 weeks ago

Does any one have experience in applying for I-192 living outside of Canada ?
I’ve previously applied for an I-192 when I was in Canada and was approved for a year… since then I know live/work in London UK and need another waiver. How do the fingerprints with rcmp work? Etc
Thanks in advance for your help

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@Rws999, You can apply for a waiver, but the fingerprints are going to take a while. You need to have your prints taken at a local police station where you live, and send them to a designated fingerprint location that can convert ink to digital. That location will then send your prints to the RCMP to process. This can be expensive and time consuming. However, it is the only way to receive a criminal record from the RCMP as they do not accept ink request. Please email me at info@fingerprintpardon.com and I will send you a package of instructions and forms for this fingerprinting process that I have for my out of country clients. Thanks!

@Ken - What process are you using for your clients out that way? Thanks!

Michelle replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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