I 192 and Canada record suspension

Jasoninpeiposted 7 months ago

I had 4 waivers in the past, 1,and three 5 year ones. My current one expired last spring. I have since received a record suspension in canada.
In the past, I used to have to provide the court documents but now they don't exist. I was getting mixed responses. One customs guy said I needed to provide a copy of the previous court documents (I do have a copy) and also needed to provide some sort of a letter from the court explaining why I don't have a current copy of the court documents. Wouldn't a copy of the pardon provide this reason?
Anyone know what i need to do with this?

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Thanks for the info will have to get my prints done and start the process Waiver expire Jan 2023

repeater replied 5 months ago   #5


No new copies needed. The court documents do not change. Fingerprints must be new and valid because that is a check of CPIC.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #4

I am reapplying for my 4 waiver and need to know if I need to get a new copy of the court documents. i have copies of all my old convictions but they have a date stamp on them from 2017. Can I still use these or need to get new copies. One court is a real pain to get them from.

repeater replied 5 months ago   #3

I do have a copy here

Jasoninpei replied 7 months ago   #2


For everyone who does their own waivers.....don't ever hand in original court documents. They need to see COPIES. In Ontario, you cannot get court documents for summary convictions after 15 years, and indictable after 40 years.

Yes, you can use the letter that says "the court documents cannot be obtained", but court documents do not change. If you were convicted of selling cannabis in 1999, that court document is not going to change over the years.

A copy of the pardon is ONLY useful for showing what the record USED to look like, and explaining why the record is now blank.

J Rogers replied 7 months ago   #1

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