How To Get A Canadian Pardon/Record Suspension

K SCOTTposted 4 weeks ago

This is 1 of 2 videos that we have previously done on this topic.We have put this out again since people may have restricted funds but TRULY need a Canadian pardon. A Canadian pardon is essentially needed for either to get citizenship, employment or sports coaching. We are putting this one back out now based on a phone call we received from this forum a few days ago. A Discount Waiver Company pushed an older gentleman to buy a worthless Canadian pardon.

Specifically, the gentleman did not need one and it seems that he was pushed by the DWC to obtain it. The Discount Waiver Company used the fact that the gentleman was older and wanted to retire overseas. They lied to him telling it would help him retire overseas. This is a dangerous matter since the gentleman would still have to declare the conviction on an overseas application. The country could charge him with Misrepresentation/false statements if he failed to declare it.

Fortunately, his offence is so small that it would not prevent him from moving to that country anyway. So yeah, you absolutely DO NOT NEED a Canadian pardon unless it is for the 3 aforementioned reasons. If you do indeed need one, then this video can help you obtain one. You do not need to help a DWC keep their lights on by buying a worthless pardon.

I am glad that we saved this couple some money since they already made a partial payment. Obviously, the DWC will not give a refund since the unneeded work had been started. Now, the male troll on here will fire back at me with a dumb ass argument trying to sell you a pardon. However, again you do not need it unless it is for the previously mentioned reasons.

Btw, we are also do Canadian pardons and I am telling you that they are somewhat worthless unless for the other reasons mentioned. This is why we excel based on our free content to help you save money if possible. You only have yourself to blame if a $699 Batman's Experts Specialists Waiver & Pardons type company or so bends you over and takes your money,

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