How to complete the travel information section of I-192 when using ESAFE to submit

cjoy74posted 8 months ago

Hello, When applying for a Waiver (hopefully 5 years) where you want to access the USA via several different ports and dates during the validity period of the granted Waiver, what City and Port of Entry do you select on the ESAFE application and what date do you use for travel? I have completed and submitted my last 2 applications using paper forms and I have always said UNKNOWN and VARIOUS. This is no longer an option as you have to select one of the Cities/Ports from a list.

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Thank you. I will stick it out and try to do the online application. It sounds like there are some definite benefits.

cjoy741 replied 8 months ago   #4

@cjoy741 honestly they HATE the old way. And it has to be mailed to Virginia and then the result is mailed back and I guarantee it will take much longer.

Why would you do the application in a way where
-they hate it
-its easier for mistakes to be made
-they can lose the papers when they send them to Virginia
-your waiver can be lost in the mail when they mail it to you by regular mail.
-its slower.

eSAFE also makes sure you cannot miss anything.

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #3

Thank you. This is my first time using ESAFE and I am now thinking I should have just done it the old way and brought my forms and supporting paperwork to the port for processing like I have done previously. Does anyone know if this is still an option now that I have started the process and been assigned an application number that is in the initial stages in ESAFE. I do not see anywhere on ESAFE where you can actually delete an application.

cjoy741 replied 8 months ago   #2

You put the port that you will file your paperwork at. And the date of travel doesn't matter. Pick any date, they ignore it anyways.

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #1

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