How Long Does The Esafe Application Take

K Scottposted 1 year ago

We recently did an internet talk radio show episode where our guest hired a discount waiver company that used Esafe to do his waiver and it still took 8 months to get denied. Now this supports our prior statements when we told you guys that using Esafe does not guarantee that you will be approved in 40 days or even fast at all. We also apologize for not being here for a bit since we are swamped with work. Hence we do not have a lot of free time.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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@J Rogers I believe you 💯 I spoke with Ken and he went on and on about his BC manager worked for homeland security and how much he makes with one client and other things that makes no sense to someone looking for help with a waiver. He went on about his limo and boujee nonsense that has nothing to do with the waiver. People on here are looking for help. I’ve been on here for over 2 years just lurking and hoping to find something that I can use to file. I’m grateful for all information I found here because it helped me submit a successful application. With that being said, whenever Ken shows up here, he is always knocking on other waiver companies which isn’t productive or useful for people here. That 30 days timeline he gave is bullshit.

SarahB replied 1 year ago   #6

Remember everyone, Ken Scott refuses to do the waiver through eSAFE. He actually makes the few clients he does have take actual PAPER application to the border.

This means Homeland Security is applying from scratch, which they HATE, and this is going to slow the application down.

ESAFE is what they PREFER, and it will make your application better and faster for 3 reasons.

1. No mistakes. I do all the data entry, not an officer.
2. The application is already IN VIRGINIA when you go to the border
3. The result is available the second it is approved. I download a copy, the client downloads a copy, and if anything is lost, I have a copy. Non-eSAFE means the moment it is approved...its sent to the mailroom. Then mailed out REGULAR mail.

Ken does not live in Canada and is not a Canadian Citizen. He is pushing the "premium" client because he only wants to lift a finger for 3-5K, mainly because he has to give a cut to some shlepp here in Canada to pretend there is a real business. All the "offices" are mailboxes. Ken never worked for ANY Government institution, he never attended University, and he has never worked for law enforcement.

Instead of standing behind his knowledge (which he has) he makes up these elaborate personas. Everyone but him is "discount", and he has all these manuals etc....but he won't even do the waiver the way Homeland Security WANTS because he has never used eSAFE.

Ken has the knowledge, but not the work ethic to do this properly. He would rather make videos than actually grind away and do waivers.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #5

@KSCOTT high profile clientele? You sound like you’re running a strip club. What’s a higher end waiver applicant? No offense to anyone but the reason most people need a waiver is because they have broken the law on either side of the border so I don’t think that’s the terminology to use here. You’re an insult to the people you say you represent and you’re discriminating as well. You’re an idiot.

SarahB replied 1 year ago   #4

Tiffany, we do not file a waiver if we think that it will not get approved. This is ONE of the reasons why we have a 99% success rate. WE have the CBP adjudication material, manuals and other material that is used in our cases. Some people do not understand that we focus on the complex/serious cases only. We do not market towards the small fish type cases. Virtually anyone can clear a small fish case like a simple car theft. However, the same does not apply to the complex issues. This comment is more directed towards the Sarah individual since I do not think that she understands what is being presented. The point of our episodes is to bring awareness to various things surrounding these border crossing issues. We have no need to post success stories anywhere since our rep speaks for itself and the relevant higher profile clientele clearly know whom we are and such. We also tend to interview higher end waiver applicants.

KSCOTT replied 1 year ago   #3

Ken what are your timelines for paper applications these days? Also, I don’t I understand why you’d tell a potential client you can’t do it if you’re not sure they’d get a waiver! John posted two successful waivers he said he was pretty sure would be a no.If a client wants to file, why not do the waiver since this is the business you’re in.

Tiffany replied 1 year ago   #2

This post is a bit misleading and also confusing especially after I checked out the video. The poster is implying that esafe is guaranteed to be fast and also guarantee an approval when none of this actually true. We have seen the timelines here. It’s now over 100 days and that’s for people who use a Waiver company and DIY. I’ve seen on here that refusals do take longer and there are people who took that long to be approved.
The guy you spoke with is delusional because you have not gotten him a waiver so no way he can speak on your service directly. He is also delusional to think you get what you pay for when I just got my waiver approved for 5 years and I did it myself. He makes absolutely no sense since I did my waiver being guided by post and feedback from this forum and doing research online.
I have also spoken to you in the past and you told me that one of your managers worked for the US government now you are saying that you did. Which exactly is it?
Honestly you need to stop pretending. You do waivers and you choose to behave like a gang banger with the ghetto music and pretend hardcore personality and may attract clients with the same interests but CBP don’t care about your limo and any of that shit you’re trying to shoot. Like you say they know you and have a good rapport with them so why are they smirking! Lol. So you have materials that other waiver companies or DIY don’t have but yet still there are many success stories coming from both sides so your materials aren’t that unique then.

SarahB replied 1 year ago   #1

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