How Long Does It Take To Get a US Entry Waiver

kscottposted 1 month ago

People constantly inquire about the amount of time it takes to get a US Entry Waiver. Well, we have answered this question in our short video. This saves us a lot of time by preparing this response so you will already know the answer before you call. We keep telling people not to fall for the story from the low-cost waiver providers claiming that clients are 100% guaranteed to be approved in 40 days or less by the American government.

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Hey Ken, I think it’s very disrespectful to label someone who charges less for the same service you may or may not be providing as low cost. It is my experience that CBP officers are the ones giving applicants false hope. Just last week I went to Rainbow Bridge crossing with my package (prepared by John and proud to say because his services are nothing less than excellent regardless of the outcome) and after the officer was finished his work and escorting me out of the building, his exact words to me were “you’ll get an email with a two page paper that you will print hand in with your passport, every time you travel to the US”. I mean nothing is 💯 so if that’s not false hope, I don’t know what is. I asked him how long it takes to process just out of curiosity. He responded “I don’t know exactly but I’d say 30 days since it’s much faster now with that esafe you’re using”. I’m not naïve and I know the approximate time it’s taking because I’m on here every day and I see real people posting real results. Suffice it to say, it’s embarrassing for you to come on here every few weeks to talk foolish just because you can. You should put your time to better use and yes yes yes I know that you’ll say it’s because you’ve been busy with clients. You remind me of some people I worked with in my manufacturing days. They collect a pay cheque and take a week off to blow it away. If this is a career for you, make an effort to help others through honest and real work and not just a load of bull*** taking up space on the forum.

Marsha replied 1 month ago   #2

There are 2-3 threads, and one main one, that actually post the actual eSAFE times and dates. We all know EXACTLY how long it is taking. Instead of making a video, read the posts.

DIY people and myself are all posting real results. We all seem to know what is going on. I think you might be a little out of the loop.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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