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J Rogersposted 4 months ago

This "security token" thing is a REAL hassle. It seems to have started today.

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The E-safe system knows the difference between a lawyer and an applicant because when you initially register on e-safe you can either choose it as a regular self “applicant” or register for an attorney e-Safe account.

In an attorney e-safe account you only register one time using your own email and you can file as many waivers for as many clients as you wish on that one account. This way the tokens come to you when you need to go in to create new waivers, check up on decisions etc.

94rad replied 1 month ago   #16


The token is only used for logging in. You get an email when your file is updated because there has been a change in your application process.

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #15

With this new token. Do you have to wait for an email saying there has been a change or update to the file before logging in?

Does a code come with the email saying there has been an update?

Just trying to understand this process.. as i was mid process when all this changed.

Atana replied 2 months ago   #14

@Jacob Wills

I get where your going with this. No offence taken. And to be fair, Homeland Security would much rather prefer applicants do the entire procedure themselves as well.

Its aggravating for Michelle and I, but security comes at a cost. Its harder on the older clients, not so much the younger ones.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #13

@Michelle @ J Rogers

I'm not saying either of you are doing anything wrong. Anyone can prepare, I used the wrong term, but it's only the actual applicant that is supposed to submit the application because it's an electronic signature.

A preparer submitting the application electronically on behalf of the applicant is technically signing the actual application on behalf of the applicant, which is essentially the legal problem.

[ Jacob Wills appended this reply on January 26, 2022 @ 2:16 pm ]

Otherwise, you can submit an application for anyone without their consent.

Jacob Wills replied 4 months ago   #12

@Jacob, not shooting the messenger, but there does it state "You are not legally allowed to prepare someone else's application unless you're a lawyer." ?

There are regulations, that unless I am a Legal registered Lawyer or Representative in the USA, I cannot represent my client "in person" for any Immigration matters.

I understand that E-safe has been had security issues, and this is why the token has been required. A token is required as soon as you start an application, whether you are a new or current applicant.

I am not sure how e-safe knows the difference between me or a person doing their own. Even a lawyer needs the token number, from their client.

I am not taking any offense to your answer, I do agree, that it probably is a security feature for the individual, however, not the "lawyer statement".

I personally think that the token is required to track the log in and see who might be trying to hack the system. My 2 cents..

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #11

@Jacob Wills

It has a place on the application for "preparer" which is what we claim to be doing.

You are correct though, it is a security feature, to people like us it is annoying. To the person doing their own waiver you are completely right, its not that big of a problem.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #10

The sign-in token is a great thing, as it ensures that whomever is logging into the system is rightfully the correct person. This is why the entire e-safe system was down a few weeks ago, due to security breaches.

I can understand why it's frustrating for people who handle client files such as John or Michelle, but please note that e-safe is legally only meant to be used by either the applicant themselves, or an attorney. Having said that, no disrespect for the great work you both due, but that is how the system is set up. You are not legally allowed to prepare someone else's application unless you're a lawyer. Their rule not mine (don't shoot the messenger.

Jacob Wills replied 4 months ago   #9

Token complaint: As soon as you log into or set up as a new client - you need a token number... New Token number is required each time.

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #8

@Bob, what I have learned. As soon as you try to log in, you receive an token number, which must be entered in immediately, there is a time line on this token.. If you enter it in right away, no problems. If you wait a bit, the token number becomes void. There is a new Token required for each log in. This is extremely difficult for me, as I handle all my client's files, now, I will have to call them before I access their file to find out what the new token number will be.

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #7

@Michelle i dont have any issue to login. I am getting code immediately and i was able to login

bob194 replied 4 months ago   #6

Can anyone log in using their token number? None of my clients can..it says invalid token number???? OMG...So frustrating....

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #5

@Magnus - This is code that you must enter in 1 time when logging into your file. Only one of my client's received an email advising this. The rest have not. However, when I tried logging into a client's file, it asks to resend verification and I pressed that button, client then received a token email within an hour and I was able to log into file. This must have started today, as I was checking files yesterday, and this was not there. Most likely put on, as the system crashed so many times in the past few weeks.

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #4

Does someone wish to expound on what this is or pertains to?

Magnus replied 4 months ago   #3

John, yes, it is, as 90% of my clients have not received the token # email yet...I was checking client's files yesterday and this was not there. It must have been installed today sometime.

Michelle replied 4 months ago   #2

So here is how this works. I literally have to have the client on the phone and ready when I log into their account so I can get the token.

Thanks Homeland Security for making this a bigger hassle.

J Rogers replied 4 months ago   #1

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There is no need to “register”, just enter the same name + password of your choice every time.

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