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Riyaz Pposted 1 month ago

Hello Everyone,
Hoping someone can help me out here with the process of applying for an American waiver for buisness and pleasure. I've had one and it expired, subsequently I also got my record suspension. Not sure what the process is after receiving the record suspension in regards to court documents. Is there a how-to document out there for this type of application? Canadian website was pretty helpful and was able to apply and receive the record suspension on my own. Im hoping there's something similar for this. Last time I paid someone to get the waiver but I ended up doing most of the leg work, not sure if I should pay again. Just been so long can't remember the process. Any helpful information is appreciated.

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@Riyaz P This forum is a great resource. Quite a few DIY on here.

Michelle in Saskatchewan and myself in Ontario do waivers. Both of us are accredited by the RCMP so we also fingerprint as well.

All waivers are done through eSAFE now. No more airports.

The waivers I am doing right now take about 90 days, start to finish. So if you would like a waiver by July, I can definitely help you.

My cell# is 416-843-1371, you can call or text. Neither Michelle or I make the client do "all the work", but I understand many companies do. Its talked about on this forum all the time.

For Michelle;

Text: 306.531.8886

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