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Jaymieposted 1 week ago

I went to travel yesterday was told i need a waiver to enter the USA. I have ran a legal escort agency and in the past worked in that industry. Ive never been charged or had issues travelling. Yesterday when i was asked I was transparent with officers . Anyone know my odds of getting this? My boyfriend is in the USA and ive since meeting him had no connections to the industry.

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@Jaymie, I have not done a waiver for this type of situation, so John is definitely your best. Please keep us updated.

MIchelle replied 1 week ago   #2

Since 2016 I have done waivers for about 15 women in this situation. Escorting, or suspected of it.

As I have posted elsewhere on this forum about the subject, in 2016 they started to "crack down" and target young attractive women. Even dancers, who had no ties to prostitution or escorting are being denied on suspicion of trying to work in the US.

Call me, and I will give you some information, and see what can be done.

John Rogers

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #1

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