Guarantees offered by Pardon and Waiver Services - Beware

Michelleposted 1 month ago

5I personally do not offer Guarantees of either a Pardon or a Travel Waiver. The reason: I do not approve the applications, therefore, why would I offer a Guarantee? I do however, promise that I will complete the application to the best of my ability and if you are denied - I may provide a re-do for my services for free, or I may offer a refund depending on the circumstances. All of this is usually reviewed once I start an application - or definitely reviewed once I get the criminal record results. The reason I bring this up...

I have a client who we have been doing a waiver for several years. It is a very complicated case, and client has been denied 4 times. 1st time he did himself, 2nd time, his employer did it, and 3 and 4 time I did. The conviction is very old, however, it is very serious, and in all honestly, I should have never accepted the file, but I was in a contract with a company to do waivers for their employees, and I couldn't refuse.. However, I stand by my word and have provided free services for re-do of mine. The last time, USA didn't even offer an appeal process. Just flat out said "NO"....I have provided my client a few different avenues that I think may help him; but he chose not to do them. I completely understand his frustration. Now he phones me today to tell me hired Scotia Pardons because they "guaranteed" him a waiver at $2500....I said well I hope you got that in writing and keep me posted. .He did tell them that he has been denied 4 times, but they told him, "no one did his paperwork right and they have special ways to get him a waiver."- Well it had nothing to do with his paperwork, it is the face that he "fails" the doctor panel review each time and his conviction involves a minor. I am constantly amazed that there are terrible reviews on Google regarding a company, but people go ahead and hire them anyway. There is not special "way" to get this person a waiver. However, for his sake I hope I am wrong.

PS: I read the written guarantee and this is what it states "Services provided by Scotia Pardon Services and that said prices are for preparation and completion only and that Scotia Pardon Services has no authority whatsoever in granting or refusing US Entry Waivers. Decisions rest solely with the appropriate government agencies." So basically there is no guarantee..

As I stated before "you are responsible for hiring a your homework."

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We have some smaller detachments in BC even that would not take the applications.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #10

I cannot speak for others but there have never been any problems with people getting their local police check done. I think the most might be maybe dealing with a grumpy clerk at the detachment. Again, I can only speak for our cases.

KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #9


When you run into a police detachment that will not play ball, for example they FORCE the client to drive there, contact the Parole Board and MAKE them take action. Its unfair to have 2 classes of people, some who have the mans to drive to police and ones that do not.

We need to force the Parole Board to be accountable and NOT let police put up barriers to Pardons.

Chantal Chaput
Supervisor, Record Suspension and Intake Inquiries
Parole Board of Canada | Government of Canada
Telephone 613-957-1083 |Fax 613-941-4981

This is who I have been emailing recently.

Whenever I get pushback I like to remind the Parole Board that Stephen Harper is no longer in charge, and their arrogance will come back to bite them.

For those of you not in the know, when Stephen Harper had a majority he not only made fundamental changes to the parole board for the worse, he gave them the ability to be arrogant and punitive, almost like they were allowed to re-punish people for their past offences.

It was disgusting and racist, and if you have a criminal record and vote conservative, you are literally like a black person giving help to the KKK. Conservatives have made it their MISSION to demonize anyone with a criminal record.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #8

@John, interesting the different fees charged for l. checks - Regina Police charge $20..but Saskatoon charges $50. My biggest problem here, is that some RCMP detachments refuse to do local records check - 3rd party. Meaning that my client may have to drive to that town or city and do it in person. Sometimes I wonder why I do this service..LOL..

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #7

@Ken Scott, I am assuming you are talking about the "local record check" provided by police services for a CPIC criminal record check. Sometimes know as a "name and birthdate search, or "police information check" (usually done for employment or volunteering purposes) this is what you could determine eligibility from, not the Pardon's Local Record Check, as that document is a check of local files only. I also understand from your post that you are specializing in proposal to deny cases from the parole board, as that is usually when a local file check comes in to play, after application has been submitted to the Parole Board and the PBC have reached out to the police service and provided information, that was not given during the initial process. This happens quite a bit. The parole board receives much more information direct from the police then, the applicant is given. I do like the section name, kind of wish I would of thought of that..

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #6

@Ken Scott

Wow...16 months and you kept it secret ALL THIS TIME? You make about an "announcement" a week, so this is unusual behavior. Actually your posts 16 months ago seem to indicate "we don't do pardons and don't plan to" but that is ok.

Doing the Local Police Check first is an amateur mistake.

-You have missed the point of the local police check. You are supposed to provide the results of the fingerprints to do the police check effectively. It is supposed to be "see this CPIC check? Is there ANYTHING else to add?"

-Your inexperience shows. The main reason people get a "propose to deny" is legislated, and has nothing to do with the local police check. Only a person with "experience" knows what this is. Do YOU know what it is? Seeing one "propose to deny" isn't "experience". I hope people paying you know they are paying for your "training".

-The police check is only good for a year. If it expires (Scarborough Court is taking 10 months right now) the client has to pay for it again. In York Region this is $135 down the drain.

Lucky for you, someone like me can spot these mistakes, learned through YEARS of experience, and correct you.

Again, we all "start" somewhere. But people should know that while your knowledge on waivers has a value, on Pardons your just a guy in lockdown, learning about pardons as he goes.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #5

Well, yes absolutely no one can give a 100% guarantee that their waiver will get approved. Hopefully, people are sharp enough to understand this concept. This is also why I say that we have a 98%success rate since there is a 2% chance that your case could get denied. However, we compensate for this by offering the 100% refund on those cases that we think will fail. This is after I warn people to hold off on their waiver if we think they will get denied. If they are insistent then we will either decline the case or offer them the refund option.

I can proudly say that we have only had to refund 3 people out of thousands of cases that we have filed. So yeah buyer beware if they are giving a 100% guarantee.... unless they back it up with a 100% refund of their fee if you get denied. Also, no need for us to mention Discount Waiver Companies by name since people already know that a lot are crooked.

However, we now offer a new service through our newly designed section called Criminal Record Elimination Division. We have been doing a trial run over the past 16 months that has proven to be successful. I will give a breakdown of what we have been doing. The Discount Waiver Companies suck up as many pardon clients that they can find. They will run a pardon case and give their 100% guarantee of approval. Quite often a lot get denied and they then say oh sorry about that.

However, we do it differently. First, we charge a fee to start/assess your case by using the results from your local police check. It comes back and we address the issues with the client and let him decide if he wants to continue with the process. If he says yes, then we prepare how we will address the pardon board on when they write back demanding an explanation. Then we complete the packet and include the relevant rehabilitation to ensure approval. Finally, the client gets the approval, and he is indeed happy. The only downfall for some people is that we charge much more on these pardon cases, but they get approved. If he declines, then we do a handshake and will see them at a future date after they have sorted out their issues. In this way, it is a win win for both parties.

This is why we released the video on how people can do their own pardon cases if it is a simple one. The positive feedback has been amazing and hence why we have renamed our pardon division. Another note is that we currently have 24 projects on the go regarding new services that are or will be offering in the near future. We just do not announce a lot here on this platform.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #4

Scotia Pardons (Ontario) has changed their name and is now trolling for people on Facebook and call themselves "U.S. Waivers & Pardons Canada"
@uswaivers.for.canadians .

Same address, different name.

This is why location, accreditation and integrity are so important. Same location but advertising under a different name SPECIFICALLY to avoid searches on google. Its a slick ad too, with a video and everything.

Before doing an application:

-do a search, check them out online
-visit their location. They should not care if you quickly "pop" in
-Make sure they are accredited to fingerprint. This will save you time AND money, and they have been VETTED by the RCMP. Also, they will probably not simply disappear one day
-get ALL costs IN WRITING before you start

And...the fee should make sense. We charge $795 which includes taxes and fingerprints. But the TOTAL cost of the pardon which we break down item by item before you start is usually between $1500-$1600.

Fee - $795.00
Court Documents - $25.00
Local Police - $92 (Peel police in this case)
Pardon Board Fee - $644.88

Total cost for a Pardon = $1556.88 (in this clients case) (deposit $300)

I give this "cost proposal" to the client. 9 months into the pardon, when I am asking for more money in the future towards the pardon, it should line up with this proposal. The client can follow along easily.

This isn't magic, this is simply transparency. I don't want a client to think "but didn't you say......" I want them to KNOW what is happening at all times.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #3

@John, Scotia Pardons Ontario. I went back and read through the file again, and another interesting thing is on the official denial letter, not only does the USA reference the convictions that were very serious, they also list 3 charges that were found not guilty and withdrawn. This is interesting as none of information was showing on the paperwork submitted by us. This client has a Pardon from years ago (when you could get a pardon for this type of offense) (this would never happen now), this information was not showing on Pardon documents, RCMP reports or the court documents. I wish I could post a picture, but will not, simply due to ethics. However, I wish to point out that no-one should ever underestimate what Customs can find out if they really want to know about you...

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #2


That is a tough one. I don't guarantee anything but if you fail at a waiver, I always offer to do it again for free.

This is why I get frustrated with "I will get you a September Letter" promises. No one likes a waiver, but its "attractive" to think you MIGHT get to stop doing waivers. Its not honest.

Which Scotia Pardons? Ontario or BC?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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