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nicknackposted 3 months ago

Hey All

I got my record suspension letter last Thursday. My charges/convictions were from 2003 to 2007. It's been a long wait and sometimes felt never-ending but I finally got it. It seemed quite clinical in its wording. I remember Pardon letters used to be a little more upbeat and congratulatory but eh what can you do.

I wanted to ask the experts (thanks John Rogers in advance), how soon now should I get my CPIC check done to confirm the charges and convictions are completely removed? And I'm wondering which "non federal" agencies should I ask besides the local police, to remove my info from their systems - as the record suspension letter said "in accordance with the spirit of the legislation."?

And if there is anything else I need to know or do before attempting to cross the border, let me know!

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Just came across this interesting PDF from the Ontario police services... It's a detailed explanation of what can be seen on a CPIC check at the border... quite interesting read and thought I'd share:

nicknack replied 2 weeks ago   #7

Hi Nicknack, I will be very interested to hear what happens with the Prohibition Order..Please keep us posted... I am thinking that this may be expensive???? Something to think about---- It might be cheaper to do a waiver - then to go through the expensive of trying to reduce the Prohibition, as the prohibition is not going to effect a waiver application, nor any employment opportunities.

Michelle replied 3 months ago   #6

Thanks Michelle and John. Very sound advice. As happy as I am to receive the record suspension, I do have a firearm prohibition. But I have recently retained a lawyer and I'm planning to appeal that decision. My lawyer said a judge cannot remove the prohibition, but he can reduce the length of it from life to 10 or 15 years. So that's the next step now. On top of that, one of my cases is published on a website which collects and publishes court cases from north america and I am in touch with them to remove it as well.

So the plan is not to attempt to cross until both of the above issues are dealt with. This could be resolved in a couple of weeks, or could take a year or more. But I've waited 15 years so I can easily wait another year or two.

I am happy I can post here and get info from you guys. Thanks again for all your help and info!

nicknack replied 3 months ago   #5

jazzsax1..yes you are right, I actually forgot about Google until John mentioned it..yet, I google all my clients..LOL..I also facebook them..I know, Troll - you are all thinking...but I do it..because honestly, some of the stuff people post????...YIKES!!!..and I am sure US Customs and Parole Board looks at this stuff...I did have to tell a client to remove his pictures of "smoking pot and partying" if he wanted to show rehabilitation for a Pardon..even though it is now legal.....20 years from now, when everyone is used to it being worries, but for now,most of the people making these approval decisions, are still "old" school..

Michelle replied 3 months ago   #4

That whole google your name thing sure sucks. LOL

jazzsax1 replied 3 months ago   #3

Hi Nicknack...Congratulations on your Pardon/ Record Suspension. Yes, the letter used be quite nice, then they went to borderline rude, and now they are somewhat decent..LOL..Regarding your CPIC check, it will be clear now..if you notice, the date of the Record Suspension "granted" was probably about 2 to 3 weeks before you actually received it..This is to allow CPIC to be updated, ect...As a former Edmonton Police Service employee, who Manged the "criminal Records" department, I will advise you that they will not remove your information from their local police system. The system will say that you received a Pardon, but they will not close your file. Their system is separate from CPIC and they do not have to follow this process. They do however, follow the guidelines that dictate the release of Pardoned information. Same with Court Houses, they have their own computer system, and will not remove your information from it.

John is 100% in all information he provided.

Traveling to the USA: If you have a Firearms or weapons Prohibition, this may be still open in CPIC (depending on your time line) (10 years or lifetime)..This will show - and you will be caught at the border. A Pardon or Record Suspension does not remove Prohibitions.

Also, Google...John this is a great point...I google my clients and if your conviction is there - Customs will find out..You need to contact the original reporter and request that they remove your information...Good is extremely difficult. There are experts out there who specialize in this...

Anyone with a Pardon or Record Suspension - runs the risk of being denied at the Border - this is a well know and documented fact. If you don't want to apply for a Waiver, then carry a copy of your Pardon with you...Don't lie to Customs, and good luck.

Michelle replied 3 months ago   #2

Michelle might give you different advice so hopefully she weighs in. Also, in Saskatchewan she would only get Record Suspensions, not Pardons. She may have some clients in BC or Ontario who get pardons. (differences below)

My take - I tell people to wait 30 days and then do fingerprints.

If you have any weapons restriction or anything else it may still get you caught at the border. (finding this more and more)

You can ask "non federal" agencies all you want but we find that its generally a waste of time. If your off CPIC, that is sufficient.

Google your name and see if anything comes up (someone was caught recently this way)

The wording depends on what you got. The record suspension wording is different from a pardon. If you live in Ontario and BC and were convicted before March 2012, you get a Pardon. Anything else is a Record Suspension. They both essentially seal the criminal record on CPIC.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #1

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