Got my I-192 letter of approval but never went to the U.S. yet...Is this letter still valid?

connieposted 4 years ago


Hopefully someone can help me here..
I applied for a u.s waiver back in 2008 then finally received the letter of approval in 2011 from the u.s customs and border..
(I hired pardons canada to do it for me and that is how long they took doing the paper work..I highly advise anyone reading this to NOT go through them)
Back to what i was saying...After receiving this letter I never went to the states, so i never got the waiver/stamp or card? im not even sure what it is that you get when you hand over the letters to the border officers. My question is... is it still valid for me to hand in the letter of approval to get this one year waiver? or do i need to renew?
i dont want to take my chances to drive to the border and see or to book a flight..
Im located in toronto. if nobody has an answer to my question then, would you know where i could go that is close to me to figure it out?

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You must renew.

Nowadays the process is getting better and for the most part people are getting 5 year renewals.

Hope that helps.

ABC replied 4 years ago   #1

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