Glitch in the Homeland Security System

J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

All morning I have been getting emails and fielding calls about the following email:

Your e-SAFE application (2021-192-010153 ) has 10 calendar days remaining to submit and pay the application-processing fee.

Individual users who have submitted their own application can check its status at

Applicants with an attorney/accredited representative will receive e-SAFE email notifications relating to their application but should contact their attorney or accredited representative for status updates or additional information.

Attorney/accredited representative can check the status of their applicants application at

A client who I haven't even paid for yet got it, a client who got his waiver a year ago got it, and many clients waiting for a waiver response who HAVE gone to the border have gotten it.

It is probably a system they are setting up to warn people that they are enforcing the "45 days to get to the border" rule, and they have added a 10 day warning.
Unfortunately, it seems to have a few bugs to iron out.

Replies (recent first):

I wrote an email to them about this. They told me it was about applications in my e-safe that were in initial status and told me to log in. I did and saw I had 3 different numbers, one was submitted to aro and the ones from the email were initial status. I guess I started other applications when I was making my main one.

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