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Philmeup12posted 3 months ago

What a pain this all is. I've been working on this for months now. I'm finally at the point where I've completed everything, and I'm uploading all the required documents.

I'm trying to upload form C216C which I had done on the 28th of April 2022. A big red banner pops up on the screen and says the RCMP endorsement date is required and must be less than 15 months from today's date.

Now I'm not necessarily the brightest bulb in the pack, but this was done roughly 7 months ago, not 15!!

Any suggestions on what I do now? I'm trying to get this done before the end of the year. I've had absolutely zero success in calling anyone within US Customs whenever I've had questions in the past.

Serns like a lost cause, but any advice is appreciated.


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Everyone on here has been in your shoes. It's frustrating and not for the faint of heart lol.

gabby replied 3 months ago   #6

@J Rogers you are a wealth of information. I've read so many critically important posts on here, and most are from you:)

Thanks again. I've sent my application electronically, and now I will call to make an appointment

Philmeup12 replied 3 months ago   #5

Call 716-843-8521. Remember to TELL them you need the Rainbow Bridge, sometimes they try and convince you to go to the others because they don't realize you have to go where you "put" the application.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #4

@J Rogers thanks. I've had to do a few of these over the years, and it's not fun. Anyway, I appreciate your advice and I decided to use the Rainbow Bridge as my desired crossing point from your suggestion.

I'd like to make an appointment for the Biometrics, but I can't find anything online about this. Is there a phone number I might contact? Thanks for all your help on here. 🙏

Philmeup12 replied 3 months ago   #3


No problem, and you are NOT an idiot Just stressed and frustrated and unfamiliar with the process. And had you not found the answer, lots of people on here would have been happy to help.

J Rogers replied 3 months ago   #2

Well, before anyone else says it, I'm an idiot. I missed a spot where you have to add the date you were fingerprinted. I'm just so close now and what to get this finished.

Please disregard my last post

Philmeup12 replied 3 months ago   #1

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