First time Application submission - Office or e-safe?

A Parkposted 2 months ago

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to discover this forum. Long story short, I had a vaping device with me back in December of 2022. Upon arrival at the border, I was asked a series of questions which I answered with honesty. I did not know I’m not allowed to bring CBD products across the border which I told the officers at the border. I was denied entry and was told I will have to apply for a waiver.

Now I have finished the I-192 form as well as RCMP criminal record check. I am just wondering if I should go submit the application in person or do it online. I could not find any information on whether I need to book an appointment with the border office or I can just drive up to the border and submit.

Does anyone have an answer to my question or an experience submitting it in person?

I look forward to hearing from you all.


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@A Park Some useful information for you. This was part copy and pasted from a response from J Rogers. Esafe is the preferred choice for submitting waiver applications.

-Don't fill out any forms, eSAFE is where the forms are filled out, and it does allow you to print out a copy if you want. You do NOT need forms at the border, which is why eSAFE was partially created in the first place, via the "reduction of paperwork act". You simply need the documents you uploaded and the RCMP fingerprints and your passport.

-They may or may not fingerprint you, and/or a DNA swab. Its pretty random (the DNA) but they are technically supposed to fingerprint you. (sometimes they do not)

There are a few other things you need so I’ve copied and paste a link to the website where you’ll find that information.

Good luck with your application.

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