Fingerprinting Tsunami #2 has started

J Rogersposted 3 weeks ago

The RCMP prints are going to be very slooowwwwww again.

We are now working Sunday as well as all the other days of the week.

Canada is allowing 90 000 people to apply for PR status between May 5 and November.

We suddenly went from

Open Tuesday Thursday 9-4 and Saturday 11-2 (about 14 prints a day)


Open EVERY DAY. Even Sunday. 60-80 prints a day.

I hope Michelle you get to see some residual effect from this, since it will last for a while.

If you are planning a pardon/waiver or anything you need prints for, please realize fingerprints may take up
to 4 weeks.

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@Eileen they are accepting non essential waivers. I detailed this in the topic entitled "BIG NEWS!"

In Ontario, via eSafe.

J Rogers replied 5 days ago   #9

Not understanding the reply to question # 6 is the answer yes to non essential travellers or no??@J Rogers

Eileen replied 6 days ago   #8

@Michelle @Eileen

No. They are taking waivers here in Ontario, NON ESSENTIAL.

J Rogers replied 6 days ago   #7

Are borders accepting non essential waivers?

Eileen replied 6 days ago   #6

@John, when you say waiver clients - still just essential workers?

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #5

@John, Great to hear you are so busy....and thankfully, I am too. Thank goodness, I have a 24/7 live answering service who answers my calls, and then sends me a text and is well worth the money. I also just signed on to this on-line booking on my web site, and I love it.. I am currently using the free trial, but I will be purchasing it.. You may want to look at it... - please go to my website to check it out at

It is great because people book online at crazy hours, LOL..

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #4


They just released another 5000 applications for Express entry.

It is Saturday and we are already booked up until Tuesday.

Waiver clients are doing eSafe so we are wall to wall work right now. I hope its keeping you busy as well Michelle!

For those of you waiting for fingerprints, they are going to definitely be slower. Remember, all fingerprints are processed in Ontario and we have 2 problems with covid right now.

1. Lock down and high case counts
2. Post Outlets/sorting stations are being hit hard. Lots of Covid there. Mail delayed.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #3


Yesterday we worked a shorter day 10-2. (Saturday)

At one point, we had people in being printed, 1 person waiting. One pardon client in with me, and both business lines going, my cell phone was ringing, and a phone line we use for texts was ringing. It was INSANE. We almost need a second person just to handle calls.

When its overwhelming for 3 people, thats too many. LOL. I now make my appointments the night before. The days is scheduled in 90 minutes, and then I have no spaces left.

Today we have booked people from 11-4, and we literally are taking 41 people. I had to turn away over 50, and am trying to get appointments for them during the week. We are going to do 9-6 for a couple of weeks, to increase the people we can see.

Complicating this is that we have to clean in between people, change gloves, masks....the whole 9 yards. That being said, it is nice to be busy.

I am happy to see this giving you more business as well. I hope it spills over for a couple of months.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #2

@John, my fingerprinting is slowing increasing the past few weeks. I am up to 7 to 10 a day, which is a lot for me. I may have to start bring in hubby, to do work. LOL.. The online booking is a life saver right now, as I can barley keep up with phone calls. I am working today, just to keep up with my Pardon and Waiver paperwork. Yes, I have been telling people that RCMP is 4 to 5 weeks right now. I imagine it will go to 6 to 7 weeks by summer. Especially if and when the border opens to various Immigration applications.

Michelle replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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