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I am going to start a new thread to talk about File Destructions - not to be confused with a Pardon. File Destructions are for individuals who have a criminal history showing on CPIC, but no convictions. This is for charges that were Dismissed, Found not guilty, Peace Bonds, Stay of Proceedings or Withdrawn by the courts. This history can effect Immigration, traveling to the USA and Employment checks (depending on your location). Years ago, removing these from CPIC was fairly simple. However, in the past few years, I have noticed a trend, where the the arresting police service have implemented strict guidelines before approving their portion of the file destruction. Some of these guidelines are very similar to a Pardon. File Destructions and the charges they relate too is a very "grey" area. Professionally, I had a few difficult file destruction applications last year, simply due to the fact, that each Police Service has a different policy, procedure and fee. In light of this, I have revamped my procedure and fees to accommodate this. If you have one of these charges and are not sure what to do. Please call one of us to help you navigate this process.

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Yeah John a video is likely a waste of time. So why did you just tell me to make a video here on this topic if it is a waste of time? Sorry, but I am not going to put out a video to instruct you on how to do a job. Funny how you back-pedal after I pointed out your betrayal to Michelle's friendship. Yes, the gentleman can hire someone to do the job if he is not comfortable doing it himself. He can hire the agency of his choice. This stuff is not rocket science and feel free to keep your Proud Boys reference to yourself. We don't need Americans like you in Canada and feel free to cross back over to New York in your 1988 Oldsmobile 88.

Btw I saw a Sean Spicer(look it up) looking guy in the video wearing an oversized karate kid uniform and lulu lemon tights. It looks a lot like you since it would be easy for you to drive down from Manhattan to D.C. So yeah the gentleman can hire whomever he wishes since he does not need to be in the same location as the office. You really need to stop showing people on the forum here your desperation to make a sale. It is actually kinda pathetic and laughable. I mean are things really that tight for you in Lower Manhattan?

I have told you many times that you are welcome to mention these things to me directly to my face or on the phone. You need to ensure that the forum is kept clear for people to share info between themselves, me, and Michelle. Stop trying to make a sale here whether it is a $199 pardon or cheap cable deals. This is not the Beijing Night Market!!!…Smh

Can you not get the picture that you are laughable here and even an embarrassment to the Discount Waiver Companies. Even they did not want you since you got fired from the one you worked at during the Clinton Administration era. As per what you told me on the phone. You are the reason why the forum has now degraded. If you need business then go back to do what you used to do. Specifically, walking up and down the U.S. departures area at Pearson Airport calling out to seated passengers asking them if they need assistance on waivers. Please deny it so I can do a talk radio show episode and interview one of the guys that saw you and told me about it.

Ken Scott
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If you want to compete with me John then you can start by doing some casework free for people here. I have done such and this is why I get a surprisingly large following from here. I have also made some special deals with people here that have put money into their pockets. Hence, this has brought me an even larger following. My fav person here so far is the girl that laughingly refers to you as the little black squirrel running around desperately seeking nuts. So either try to keep up, offer good content, engage respectively, or go kiss-off. It is not rocket science.

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You sound more like Trump every time you post.

A video is a waste of time. When you have charges (but no convictions)

1.) Check on the website of the police force who arrested you. Follow their instructions

2.) If #1 does not work/exist, then you may have to hire someone. Hire someone in Canada, not the UK.


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@michelle Well now you can see with your own eyes that J.R. is telling me to make a video on how to purge a non conviction. He knows that this could impact your new business but apparently wants me to do an instructional video anyway. I apologize if this video will cause you to get less clients regarding the purge services.

It appears that he wants me to do it to either have you get less business or for him to learn how to do purges and he can charge people. He already knows that the description that I used was accurate...Although perhaps he really does not know how to do these cases and wants some free assistance? Yeah, he is some kind of friend of It is possible that he is suffering from COVID-19 fatigue since he does not know the difference between a purge and credit repair. lol

Also, he definitely does not know the difference between credit repair in the USA and Canada. There are some different methods to use in Canada. Also, it is not a quick fix and can take a year or 2 to get fully cleared. This depends on the particular case. He also posted a link on a USA credit repair article and I guess does not know the difference between the USA and Canada.

If he could read, then he would see that the article mentions “Once you have the copy of your full credit report in hand, check your identity information (Social Security number, spelling of your name and address), and credit history..” Canadians do not normally have social security numbers since the Social Security Administration is an American federal agency( The exception is if they previously had a USA work visa.

This is another example of an individual that has limited knowledge on various subjects. This also further reinforces the fact that these Ontario Discount Waiver Companies have no idea what they are doing. He is clearly making my case for me regarding the dangers of these $499 Ontario Discount Waiver Companies.

People should seek out the professionals on whatever services they desire to get done. A relevant example here is that you do not hire an "unaccredited" supposed fingerprint tech/Utilities Consultant to process these waiver cases and pardon/purge related issues. If you want the best deals on cable in New York and Ontario, then yes definitely seek out J.R.

Ken Scott
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Andrew, these cases are not as hard to clear as claimed by Ontario Discount Waiver Companies.

John said;

if a client has a charge from there, we advise them that they can do it themselves online. If they still want us to handle it, then we do. Toronto rejects quite a few so we handle the appeal in many cases, and usually we can get the file destroyed.

Ken, you get NO calls for this because no one has any idea you would even OFFER this service. Aren't you now just "fixing credit"? Where is your YouTube video about doing that? Oh, here it is:

I guess no need to pay you $39 a month right?

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Andrew, these cases are not as hard to clear as claimed by Ontario Discount Waiver Companies. I may or may not do a YouTube video showing people how they can save money by doing their own purge. Let me give you a scenario below:

John Doe has a charge (not conviction) for car theft in Edmonton. We write to the Edmonton Police Services and respectfully request that they destroy the fingerprints and photographs for John Doe "since the arrest did not result in a conviction." You probably should also do digital prints for pardon and wait until you receive the results in the mail. Include a copy of these results with your request letter. This shows the police what you are specifically talking about.

So, your request should be composed of the following items:
- fingerprint request destruction letter
- RCMP pardon (Record Suspension) fingerprint check results received from the mail
- Copy of Canadian passport
- Copy of driver licence

The fees can vary between agencies, and they can take a year or more to accomplish this task. Apparently, Edmonton P.D. has recently changed their purge policies though. You can contact each police agency and obtain their fee & address where to send your request.

We get these cases all the time. I tell people that they can even save their money but not doing pardon unless they need it for employment. Pardons can be a waste of money unless again you need it for employment or sports coaching. The same goes for a purge unless you want if for the aforementioned reasons to include peace of mind. This is why we did a pardon video on Youtube showing people how to do their own pardons.

Btw Andrew, I have put detailed info here on how to do a purge request since I do not want you to get taken by an $459 Ontario Discount Waiver Company like Batman's Pardons & Waivers in Ontario. I rather that you do it yourself and save the $399.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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604 332-9213

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Btw Andrew it is true that these agencies do not have to comply with the request. This has happened to cases that we have filed with Vancouver Police,Toronto Police, Edmonton Police, the Surrey RCMP and more. VPD and Toronto P.D. are both extremely strict with these purge requests. Edmonton P.D. told me about maybe 4-6 months ago that their policies regarding purges changed. Remember, it is like what Michelle said regarding the purges. They are for charges that DID NOT RESULT IN A CONVICTION. She has already laid out the specifics regarding the definition and disposition of said charges

K SCOTT replied 6 days ago   #5

@John, yes, you are so right "Police do not have to comply" and file destructions do not fall under Criminal Record Act legislation. When I was at Edmonton Police, we were one of the only police stations that had internal guidelines for file destructions. In fact, I helped write them, oh how times have changed, now that I am on the other side. LOL...Back then, most police stations and the RCMP just approved problem. However, now, it is opposite, and Delta, BC is one of the more difficult police stations. Even the RCMP have denied a request that the police station approved. So, I have changed my consultation from, "sure, no problem." to "Now, I review police file carefully and advise more cautious."

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This has become a challenging issue for us as well. Places like Toronto and Peel have online applications. So if a client has a charge from there, we advise them that they can do it themselves online. If they still want us to handle it, then we do. Toronto rejects quite a few so we handle the appeal in many cases, and usually we can get the file destroyed.

With Peel we have to be careful. In many cases the file destruction the client does gets ignored. So they come to us. Then we try, and Peel will call the applicant, say "ok we will do this, now go try and get your money back". Very frustrating.

We had been trying for 2 years to get one done in Delta BC and they FINALLY approved and did it before Christmas.

What people need to realize is that the police DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLY.

Our approach is always caution. We want to take payment if we can add "value" to the process. Sometimes people don't want to do anything but sign some forms. Sometimes it can be as simple as filling out an online form and the person gets it approved. Every police force is absolutely a different challenge.

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@Andrew.. u can text me at 306.531.8886 or email at or call 306.205.2532..tks

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Hey Michelle,

How can I contact you?

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