File destruction after withdrawal of charges

Jenniegirlposted 1 year ago

Hi everyone, this isn’t about waivers, but on a file destruction after a Withdrawal. I would like to know if a file destruction absolutely removes everything from the databases the US has access to and I can have peace of mind crossing the US border if a file destruction has been completed. The police page says even though the record is wiped off CPIC and their own database, it doesn’t remove the incident/event. What does that even mean? Can the US see whatever they’re referring to?

Does a file destruction guarantee the US won’t see anything regarding ever being arrested and charged? I’m pretty scared about attempting to cross even though the file destruction has been completed.

I’m also reading stuff on the internet about how you can be turned back for 911 calls (not sure if the fellow that called the cops on me gave them my name and if that was recorded in the call) Do US customs search 911 calls? Or is this recorded against every individual so they automatically see it?

The internet just has so much conflicting information that it messes with someone and it’s making me scared to cross. I’m hoping to see my cousins at Christmas.

Would appreciate your responses, thank you!

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@J Rogers Thank you so much, this makes me feel more at ease. I wonder why it’s so much stress trying to get into the states, when it’s not half as bad almost everywhere else.

I’ll get the prints done before I travel, how long before I travel do I do this? Also, do they just randomly ask people about criminality or they only ask when something is flagged or pops up on their screen?

Thank you again

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My experience and information is based on ACTUAL clients.

1. You are not inadmissible if your charges are withdrawn

2. The file destruction means the file is destroyed, not sealed.

I would make a LOT more money if I was wrong about the above information. If EVERYONE needed waivers, then more business for me (repeating business at that)

If you want to be doubly sure, simply do fingerprints for the purpose of a pardon AFTER you have done your file destruction. You r record will come back BLANK in writing. Then destroy that document, and all evidence you ever applied including off of your phone. Then you will NEVER have a problem travelling.

I have done Pardons/File Destructions/Waivers since the mid 90's. I would have clients I previously told "you are fine, you don't need a waiver" coming out of the woodwork if I was wrong.

Ignore the internet, and remember, Homeland Security LOVES disinformation. The more you are not certain, the less you know for certina, the more you will admit to at the border or under questioning.

Remember, my PROFIT MOTIVE would not be to tell people "no, you don't need a waiver". So I think you can "trust" my advice.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #1

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