Few observations when submitting biometrics

traveloverr22posted 1 year ago

I am currently waiting for my 4th waiver ( had a 1 year and 2 five years previous)....
I did my biometrics May 20th in Houlton, Maine and am hoping to get results soon....I notice
the process is slower now. from posters on here,,,...I thought I would make a few observations regarding my trip to the border in hoped that it might help someone.....maybe some are basic, but just felt I should

1) Do not let your current waiver run out.....I had no choice as local RCMP were not doing fingerprints for waivers for a while due to Covid......but this means CBP need to do a refusal on your entry at the border and do a whole bunch more work to process you.....taking more time and involves more work for them....I had pretty good agent , but nice to avoid this if u can

2) they said the best time to go to do your biometrics is in business hours like 8am-4pm ; as more officers are there......this maybe different in other locations, but in Houlton there is no appointments , just walk in.....

3) do not bring anyone with you.....they do not like them waiting in your vehicle or inside with you

4) do NOT take your phone in.....I saw several people get warnings that were waiting inside where I was........they were not for waivers , maybe random checks, taking in cargo etc, .......but they seem to really not like people answering phones or hearing sounds from people's phones who are there waiting....one officer told a guy unless he is taking to a CBP person in there ; shut your phone off....

5) this is personal opinion, but I find both here and at airports and land crossings, when using my waiver,,,,,talk only when spoken to.....some officers may be more friendly and you can follow their lead...but for the most part they are trained to be tough,,,,,and don't seem to respond well to idle chatter.....

Anyways thanks to all people on this forum,......hope maybe this helps someone....

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Very good points . When i went to Sweetgrass border crossing since my waiver was expired
CBP needed to do a refusal on entry at the border . Sweetgrass I had to make an appointment
before I went to border.

pet replied 1 year ago   #2


Thank you for being so detailed about your experience at Houlton. This is exactly what people who might be going there NEED.

Let me point out that many of these points are unique to Houlton apparently.

1) The people who told you that they need to deny you entry are completely wrong. Obviously, every port has their own way of doing things, but I tell people all the time that if they are not going to use the waiver, feel free to let it run out. There is NO consequence. (except at Houlton apparently)

2.) At most ports you do make an Appointment, but if not, yes, business hours would be the best time.

3.) I think this is a good point.

4) I tell clients to always bring in your phone. If the officer is telling you correct information, there will be no need to call anyone. But plenty of my clients have called me and averted a huge problem because I asked them to put me on speakerphone and we resolved it with the client still at the border. If the officer won't let someone call me, my clients immediately ask for a supervisor. This works every time.

5.) I think this is good advice.

Remember folks, the people at Houlton, or the Rainbow Bridge or Detroit have NO say. Your waiver is in Virginia. You are not doing anything illegal, and when you go to a border you can legally say "I am not here to enter, I am here to file a waiver, or talk to an officer".

I am in Brampton and when there is doubt, I send clients to the border all the time to see if they really need a waiver. Why? If you do a waiver for a client, and they do not need one, the officer tells them they got "ripped off". So I am always cautious unless its a person who needs a waiver for sure.

You are all doing what they WANT. Asking in writing for "advance permission to enter". They are supposed to be HAPPY you are taking this route. I am not telling people to be rude or arrogant, but you also don't have to act like you are afraid either. You are doing EXACTLY what they want.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #1

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