Expungement: What does it really Mean?

Michelleposted 2 months ago

Please read this carefully.....There are several private companies that will advise once you receive a Pardon, you can pay extra for an Expungement..(whatever that means)..A Pardon is the most you can do to seal your criminal convictions, there is no additional expungement process that will further remove your record from the Police Service that arrested you or remove it from the Courts after a standard Pardon has been granted. NOTE: (Not to be confused with a File Destruction..Conditional or Absolute Discharges).....

The term Expungement does exist from the Parole Board of Canada, but only for Historically Unjust Convictions under the Expungement Act. (basically when gay individuals were charged and convicted for same sex activities.).

Please see the attached link from the Parole Board..


I honestly do not know if any of these convictions would be able to obtain a Travel Waiver - I would think that there would need to be a lot of referring to old and new laws and a very detailed personal letter that most likely no-one is going to want to do.

If anyone is interested in applying for a waiver or a Pardon and has these convictions, please feel free to pm me to review your options. Fingerprint Pardon Services - Michelle - 306.205.2532

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@Michelle great PSA. We see that in the GTA as well, companies insisting that you need a pardon THEN an extra file destruction after. An absolute scam.

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