Expired Waiver, but I-94 Admit To date Still Valid

Melposted 5 months ago

Not sure if anyone knows the answer to this, but my husband applied for an I-192 via e-safe on June 23, 2023 and we're still waiting. CBP officer said at the time we should receive it in time for our vacation (early December 2023). I'm not so sure now after reading some of these forums.

-His most recent 5 year US waiver expired Oct 18, 2023
-Current online I-94 it shows an "Admit Until Date" of December 22, 2023 (6 months from when we applied at the border for his waiver)

My question is, can he still get into the states based on the I-94 admit until date or is that no longer valid after we left the US? I can't find any answers anywhere else.

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No You cannot, you need a waiver + i-94 to cross.
If you have waiver, but no i-94, they will bring you into the CBP station to apply one.

So you need both valid to cross.

David79 replied 5 months ago   #5

@Mel You make a good point.

Unfortunately, "accurate" information is hard to find. Too many people trust American Border Police, when if in Canada you were pulled over for a speeding ticket, you would NEVER let another cop tell you what to do in court.

Americans deny Canadians entry, then as soon as they appear even a bit friendly, Canadians believe them.

Men in uniforms NEVR admit they "don't know". Its frustrating.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #4

@J Rogers Thanks for the offer, however I don't think I would risk that. Mainly because we're going on a cruise, which means even if the agent let us through in the first place to go (flying from Pearson) down to Florida, the agent at the cruise port (after the cruise is done) may not let us back into the country without a valid waiver. Was hoping that the waivers weren't going to take so long since my husband has already received 2 x 5 year waivers and this would be (hopefully) the 3rd.

Mel replied 5 months ago   #3

Technically he cannot. Sometimes I have seen officers still let people in.

We are getting waivers from May 5th now. Homeland Security at the border knows NOTHING about the timeline. Waivers are granted in Virginia, not Buffalo or Seattle or wherever you went to the border. They just say what they "heard anecdotally".

June 23rd will be close to Christmas/New Years based on what I am seeing.

May 5 - Nov 9 was 6 months 4 days.

June 23 would be Dec 27 approx. (assuming exact same timeline which I am sure won't be EXACT)

Early December does not seem feasible. We try and be careful to use REAL waivers granted on REAL dates. As you can see we CAN calculate it approx.

Call me at 905-459-9669 after 1 pm and i'll give you a strategy you can try depending on the border to see if they might let you travel anyways.

J Rogers replied 5 months ago   #2

No, he can't. He needs a waiver that is valid for your travel dates.

BM replied 5 months ago   #1

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