"Essesntial" Truck Driver just got his 5 year waiver. January 29 2021

J Rogersposted 4 weeks ago

I cut and pasted this off a thread below. So today he got the waiver for 5 years. e-Safe Peace Bridge is the Location. He has a "misrepresentation".

Note the timeline. 20 days total from "starting application" to final result. We can assume it may have been faster if he didn't have missing documentation.

See the information I cut and pasted with his permission.

1/28/2021, 10:01 AM EST : Status changed to Request for More Information Response
1/25/2021, 07:00 AM EST : Status changed to Request for More Information
1/11/2021, 05:30 PM EST : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
1/9/2021, 04:27 PM EST : Status changed to Paid
1/9/2021, 04:23 PM EST : Status changed to Signed
1/9/2021, 01:47 PM EST : Application Created

He sent me a copy of the waiver through text so I can verify this is 100% correct.

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I am also a truck driver and it took 11 days from start to finish to aquire my 5 year waiver renewal.
I had to go to Port Huron to complete application as Peace Bridge said they were not doing them.

Snake4660 replied 3 weeks ago   #2

I also have 1 other client who handed his waiver in (not e-Safe) and he is still waiting for a result. (Also Peace Bridge) He also handed it in the beginning of January. I will update everyone once I get news.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #1

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