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J Rogersposted 1 month ago

I have 3 clients who are attempting to hand in waivers as "essential workers". All three drive truck.

The first one took his waiver yesterday to the Peace Bridge but made the mistake of not asking for a supervisor when he asked to have his waiver processed. So he was simply told "we aren't taking waiver right now".

I will try and keep everyone updated when he goes back again.

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@Michelle Yes no problem. The supervisor at your border told me for sure that it is now an esafe border. He stressed that people need to ensure that they demonstrate to the officers that they are an essential worker. If not, then they will be turned around and sent back to Canada.

@ John well it is not really any of your business as to whom I correspond with at the borders. Hence, no requirement for me to furnish you with the contact details of said personnel. I am happy that you have finally gotten a person filed at the border. There is nothing wrong with this and it is indeed a commendation. So yes but sorry my contacts are mine and mine alone. I will not have you calling these borders and trolling my contacts there. Also, you are fairly close when you say speed dial since we do have a number of CBP personnel in our contacts list that we can contact if needed. We also have the criteria that CBP uses to determine if the waiver will be approved or denied. Anyway, I never tell you how to run your business from Lower Manhattan in New York. Also, you said "You have a LOT fo add to waiver conversations because of your experience. " I think it is a compliment and I thank you.

Also, unsure where you have been but Michelle and I were discussing critical workers handing in their packets before you replied. So I can suggest that you scan through the prior posts and you will see that we were discussing this topic. Btw John I am willing to start the new year off on a good foot with you and ask that you do not pick fights with me or others. I just get tired of having feminine type discussions with you and constantly winning. We should be colleagues actually.

Anyway, the point is that we have essential workers handing in their packets all the time. However, it does appear that some of the border officers do not seem to be familiar with this policy. The key is that they must ensure that they demonstrate to the CBP officer that they are indeed deemed an essential worker. Btw truck drivers are not the only essential workers that we are processing. Also, I have a funny feeling that they will start taking waiver packets sometime in February or even after Jan 21, 2021. This is also based on certain things that CBP in a certain field office has discussed with me. I may start a new thread based on my theory.

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K SCOTT replied 1 week ago   #18

As I told Michelle yesterday, I finally had my first client have their waiver ACCEPTED at the Peace Bridge at 1230 est.

He had tried Detroit the day before without success.

He went to the Peace Bridge and asked for a supervisor. The Supervisor saw he had tried at Detroit and agreed to take the package. He also fingerprinted him and took his money and issued a receipt.

I will send my other two clients there and see what happens.

(This next message is for Ken so kip if you want)

-Ken, I can talk to supervisors on the phone, and so can my clients. Its meaningless. We need REAL proof. Your constantly changing your story about who is contacting you and from where. Why would Niagara Falls CALL YOU? Because you send absolutely NO ONE to them from BC.

You have a LOT fo add to waiver conversations because of your experience. If you have a REAL CLIENT (like we both do) who is actually TRYING to hand in a waiver or HAS handed in a waiver, then PLEASE, join the conversation. WHile Michelle and I are desperate to help REAL clients, you are using this to "stay relevant" as if Homeland Security has you on speed dial. Real truck drivers/workers need REAL information. Your conversation with Saskatchewan sounded like it happened (unlike the others ones) but you need to get the Supervisors NAME. No one can just go to the border and say "Ken in ENgland, usually in BC talked to a guy here". Now "we talked to Steve Jones on Tuesday" is helpful.

Please HELP if you can. If you really talk to someone, get a NAME. Now that I have a real client who handed a waiver in, we have EVIDENCE it might work. I am going to send the others and let you all know what happened.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #17

@Ken, Thanks!...Yes, Essential workers must have a letter from their employer advising that they are a truck driver required to drive into the USA hauling freight. US Customs has talked about E-Safe here, but I don't think it was actually initiated before COVID. The E-safe program website does not officially list anywhere out west as active to my knowledge and now it is on hold basically due to COVID. I am interested to see if it will still go ahead after COVID...Thoughts anyone??

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #16

Well John I did not see your posts before now. Anyway, I spoke to the supervisor at the Saskatchewan border yesterday and he gave me guidance on presenting packets at this particular border. He said that truck drivers can come down and apply as long as they can demonstrate that they are essential workers. He was adamant about telling me that these people have to demonstrate that they are essential workers to the officer there. He said that they will not accept the packet if they do not demonstrate this fact. I was given the number and contact info from a gentleman in Saskatchewan that wanted me to call and get clarification regarding this fact. The supervisor also told me that the Saskatchewan border is also now an e-safe location.

Anyway, it is irrelevant whether you believe me or not. The fact of the matter is that I spoke to the Saskatchewan border in North Portal and also a supervisor at the Niagara border. I speak to the BC borders all the time and this was the first time talking to the Saskatchewan border. I am sorry that you do not have the capability to do the same thing. Also, note that I do not post everything that we do on this forum since I do not have a need for validation. I am not required to furnish you with proof of the CBP officers that I have contacted and such.

So yeah next time make sure to provide accurate and helpful information to the people here on this forum. People come here for assistance and do not want their time wasted with nonsense. We are sending essential workers down at the borders now and there is no problem. We also have more essential worker clients coming into our locations now so we are getting now with this sudden influx.

@Michelle Anyway yes apparently the border in your area is now an esafe designated location. Plus you already know the name of the Saskatchewan gentleman.

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K Scott replied 1 week ago   #15

@John, thanks for bring this up. I just spoke to one of my clients who is not a truck driver, but owns property in the USA and has a current waiver that will be expiring in May. He went to Calgary Airport to fly down to the USA and tried to deliver his paperwork while he was there. Calgary US Customs was nice, but would not take the paperwork, and gave him some incorrect info. They also advised him to apply through e-safe - but that there is no fingerprinting available. They also advised him to go to the Calgary Embassy and apply. So, he made a few phone calls and eventually was told by the Calgary Embassy - no, we cannot help you. I wish he would have just called me direct and I would have advised against all of this info provided by US Customs. Thankfully, he did not submit through E-safe. US Customs would not extend his waiver at this time either. I have 2 truck drivers who have not delivered paperwork will advise what happens when they do. For anyone who is wanting to try to deliver paperwork. Please call ahead to the border before you arrive and speak with them. Most likely you will be wasting your time. Do not apply through e-safe at this time.

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #14

Just an update about crossing the border and essential workers getting waivers.

-Be careful. People are being told on the phone by Homeland Security to "just apply online". When asked "what happens to the money if I can't be fingerprinted" they are told...too bad. Do not do this.

-Be careful; Michelle and I are posting information that is based on our experiences with clients. This isn't something we "heard" this is what our clients, who go to the borders TELL US. Ken is claiming clients are telling him information, but I can tell you based on experience that this sounds false. Unless he shows actual proof, I doubt borders are calling him, and I know a doctor did not hand in a waiver. It defies logic that a doctor during a pandemic would be handing in a waiver to cross the border, while truck drivers are just getting waivers extended.

-Ken is no longer living in Canada and is not even able to travel to Canada because of the UK variant of Covid. If you are ok with that, then go ahead. The fact he is HIDING where he is should be a cause for concern.

-I have clients trying to hand in waivers and I will continue to update you on actual events as I get them. I think April is a real possibility for resumption of waivers being handed in. In Ontario we are over 3000 cases daily and I think we might get close to 4k before the month ends.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #13


Please keep in mind that Michelle is goingt o be sending people to this border and her credibility is going to be questioned if she sends someone and they tell the person that no one talked to you or that no one is handing in waivers there.

Can you send her a copy of the receipt that the people you mentioned MUST have (personal information redacted of course) and also give her the name of the officer you talked to at the Peace Arch. No way you talked to him and didn't get his full name.

I am saying this because I don't want someone to drive for hours on unreliable information. This will waste their time, and also, put Michelle's credibility at risk.

I have looked into other USCIS programs and its clear to me know that they are NOT taking waivers at the border. (they are taking few applications of ANY type)
One of the officers brought up a great point to one of my clients. Herndon VA is not set up to accept these applications right now, and they are simply extending essential worker waivers on a case to case basis, at the border they cross at. This makes sense to me.

Ken, you need to be VERY clear on the reliability of this information. Can you get a receipt for Michelle (the client should be able to snap a picture and they can remove the person information, leaving the date and location only. My clients would happily do this for me. You said you have a couple of clients and a doctor. Is this verified?

Michelle, I would wait for proof before making this guy drive all that distance. I just want people to be accurate, and none of the information posted here has been proof of anything. Keep in mind, I want Ken to be correct. If you look at his information, its very anecdotal.


J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #12

@Ken, Thanks!

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #11

They can actually go down to the Peach Arch border to file if they are essential workers. I know because I verified this with them last week and I asked the officer this specific question. He definitely said yes without any hesitation. Btw the Peace Arch tends to be a very strict border but they make have relaxed now possibly because of the decreased numbers and Covid. They definitely should bring their passport and make sure that they tell the guards that they are essential workers when they pull up to the booth.

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K Scott replied 2 weeks ago   #10

@Ken..tks..which border did the accept the truck drivers case my guys cant deliver around here..I will send them there..they both drive go BC regular..tks

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #9

We have had essential workers last week that went to the border and filed waivers. Mind you some were truck drivers but one is a doctor. I did call another B.C. border and a guard said that they were not taking waivers for essential workers or anyone. However, we have 2 guys going to the border on Tuesday next week and I will update everyone on what happens to them.

Ken Scott
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KSCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #8

@John, Thanks for update, no, I had 1 client who was suppose to hand in his paperwork, but his passport expired, and he is having a hard time getting it renewed right now..(not really sure what is going on) no updates there. I am doing a new waiver tomorrow, so hopefully, he will be ready to deliver in a few weeks.. Will update then..

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #7

I still have not had any of my three clients be successful in handing in a waiver. All are truck drivers crossing the border. @ have valid waivers and are trying to renew, one has an expired waiver and they have simply extended it.

Anyone else have any news?

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #6

I checked a few days ago and the border that called me on Oct 30 was Niagra. They had similar questions about these waiver packets and fingerprinting. So it seems perhaps the Eastern borders may not have all got the message. The B.C. borders are definitely aware of this new policy. Also, we are still open as usual 7 days a week and can be reached almost anytime. We still have people coming in on border issues as of yesterday and we will be adding on the credit repair services in the new year. Just needing to fine-tune the pricing and other info.

Anyway, thank you to the forum members that have called and emailed us to offer their support and ask for our assistance. It is not always about the money but more so about building professional relationships. Some forum members apparently want to come on board with us in certain areas. I will post here that I will get back to you guys in the new year since it is much easier this way than making numerous calls and so.

Ken Scott
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K Scott replied 3 weeks ago   #5

@Michelle you also. Please be safe, and I will come in to the office periodically to post. Feel free to call my cell anytime.

Merry Christmas!

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #4

John, okay, thanks for info.. Hope you have a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let's hope that 2021 is a better year.

Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #3

So far 2 clients at the border, both cross right now, and neither was able to hand in a new waiver. Supervisors don't seem to know of the October 22 memo.

Both are in Southern Ontario.

We are headed for a 28 day lockdown of the entire province as of December 24 2020. After the holidays we will have select days we are open, call us for specific days/times.
416-843-1371 is my cell.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #2

He should really not have to ask for a supervisor since the other guards should understand the process. However, this might be the border that called me in October asking questions about fingerprinting and taking waivers for essential workers. I have to look at the supervisor name that spoke to me and notes on my October calendar to see if this is the same one. This may or may not be the same one that called us. This border was unsure whether waiver fingerprints were being taken and if waiver packets would be accepted for essential workers. This was around the time where the policy was slowly changing over.

It is different at our borders since he guards know that they should be accepting waiver packets for essential workers now. We have other people that are considered essential workers but are not truck drivers. We often send people there now and there have not been any issues so far. Although, I have to admit that the first time I called the border(s) that we deal with they had to put me on hold and ask a supervisor if they were accepting waiver packets for essential workers.

So yeah, it seems like some borders still may not have a clear picture just yet.

Ken Scott
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KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #1

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