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MikeGposted 8 years ago

Does anybody have any knowledge of what is required to enter the UK or Australia with a criminal record? Do you they access to CPIC like the US when going through customs?

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Tim replied 8 years ago   #2

I recently traveled to AUS last Xmas (2014). They have their own requirements (look on AUS border control website, they explain somewhere). As long as you have no sexual, terrorist or weapons offences, and you have not spent any longer that 12 months sentenced time in prison, all you need to do is fill out a form when you arrive detailing your convictions. Make sure you declare on your incoming card you have a criminal record. They may interview you, but they never did me. Just filled out the form and sent me on my way. Make sure to apply for the AUS ETA online before you go.

I am not sure on UK laws, but probably similar. The US is the only country who seems to care.

Tim replied 8 years ago   #1

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