Entering The USA With a Canadian Pardon

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Here is a video on what happens when you have a criminal record and try to enter the USA with a Canadian Pardon. This question has come up from some people that got a virtually worthless Canadian Pardon. They are shocked when they get caught by CBP at the border. We always tell people that a Canadian Pardon is virtually useless unless you need one for citizenship, employment, or sports youth coaching. Beyond that, it does very little for you. Hopefully, this video can help clarify this topic for people here. We are getting a number of people that got denied using Discount Waiver companies that sold them this virtually worthless pardon.

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As always, it is important to understand the difference between a Pardon and a USA Travel Waiver. A Pardon is for Canada, it is issued by the Government of Canada in accordance with the Criminal Records Act. The purpose of a Pardon is to remove barriers from Employment, Volunteering, and various other restrictions that a criminal record can have on a person in Canada. Traveling to other countries has always dependent on that countries requirements. The USA does not recognize a Canadian Pardon for vacation travel, as it is not part of their legal system or requirements. Canada and USA share criminal record databases and therefore, USA can become aware of your criminal history. However, as stated, there are many beneficial reasons for a Pardon. I do not discourage a person from applying for a Pardon, however, not everyone needs or wants one. I also do not encourage a Pardon for traveling purposes to the USA; However, a Pardon is beneficial to apply for Visas, Work or Study Permits to other countries, including the USA. If you are hiring a company or representative to help you, they should be asking you questions, and help you to understand these differences and help you make the right decision for your situation.

MIchelle replied 1 week ago   #2

Pardons are absolutely NOT worthless. Having a criminal record in Canada can be a HUGE barrier to many things. Not everyone who gets a pardon before being denied entry will be able to avoid a waiver, but some can absolutely.

-firearms restrictions
-driving bans

These are two types of "bans" that Homeland Security can apparently still see, even when you get a pardon.

Before Covid, the EU was planning on implementing a Visa system that may have had people with a criminal record denied entry. Now that has been put on hold.

If you have a criminal record in Canada, get a pardon. They take over a year in most cases, so by the time you NEED one, its generally too late. Having a criminal record NEVER helps you.

Ken doesn't do pardons. Therefore, he only makes money if you do a waiver. Therefore, you cannot trust his advice.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #1

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