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Henryposted 2 years ago

Hey everyone,

I just received my waiver last week. I am flying to the USA on Friday. When you go through US Customs pre clearance, do they interrogate you about your charges/convictions etc when they see the waiver?


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Border Crossing Cards issues before 9/11 were discontinued. You can look it up on Google. But the proof will be when Harry Lime goes to the border.

Its a rare occurrence than anyone has these cards especially pre-dating 9/11, so its not exactly an "opportunity to make money" especially since my advice was to check with the border first.

JOHN ROGERS replied 2 years ago   #16

No LuckyDuck and Harry Lime are 100% correct. They are referring to what is called BCC(Border Crossing Card). They are still valid but they are no longer issued at the Northern Border. You do not need a waiver if you still have one of the old BCC and have not reoffended. We can sometimes get the permanent clearances on some criminal convictions. It is not a BCC but it essentially does the same thing as such.

People please understand this and I am not referring to John...but some of these waiver companies depend on repeat business and will say or do anything in order to get you to apply for an unneeded waiver. The BCC cards are worth their weight in Platinum. If you don't have a BCC then you may qualify for a September Letter...or you may not. I can show ya what one looks like since we specialize in getting them for clients...but again...not every offence will qualify for them. It is not a permanent waiver but it will permanently clear the offence that you were convicted for and you will not need a waiver again unless you reoffend.


K SCOTT replied 2 years ago   #15

Harry Lime, don't listen to mysterious "luckyduck2" who at first said:

I know because I have the same card. Dept of homeland security re-issued a paper waiver about 5 years ago. I still use card to cross at buffalo and pearson airport.... Border agents know that card and will tell you how lucky you are to have that

Which means he didn't "need" the paper, but he still went a got it, but claims to leave it at home and just uses the card. B.S!

No wonder he won't use his real name.

If you go to the border and are told you are "ok" ask for the officers card. You dona't want to book a $5000 trip to Hawaii and suddenly be told "That card is not valid".

JOHN ROGERS replied 2 years ago   #14

Harry Lime,

I cross the border regularly with my card. It is identical to yours. I cross border every other week.

That is the question you asked.

John Rogers you are a complete waste of my time.

Good luck Harry! Also enjoy your card and waiver indefinitely until revoked.

luckyduck2 replied 2 years ago   #13

My problem luckyduck2, is that you are ignoring something that you could have easily googled and didn't bother.

His card was issued by Immigration and Naturalization from the nearest port. (Buffalo, Detroit etc)

Homeland Security was formed in 2001. They aren't going to recognize his card. They all expired October 1 2001.

I have done waiver since 1996 when I worked for Pardon Services Canada and ran their Toronto office. They are now called AllCleared. This is not an endorsement of them, (I hate how they do waivers) just an example of why I know this information. I went on my own before 9/11 so I remember quite clearly the chaos for people with waivers and the dismantling of INS.

Obviously Harry Lime should get verification form his nearest port of entry. Telling to go to a "reputable immigration lawyer" is ridiculous. Immigration Lawyers usually know the LEAST about this topic for a very simple reason. They will do waivers (for a ridiculous fee in the thousands) but thats not their bread and butter. They usually do applications for people coming to Canada. Thats where their money is. How do I know? Many immigration lawyers send clients for fingerprints, and send me most of their waiver business.

I do waivers. Every day, for years. So I am PAID to know this stuff. No Immigration Lawyer or any of these legal analysts knows this subject matter better than I do.

My problem is in a "waiver information forum" your giving advice when you don't know what your talking about. Worse, you made up a fairytale story about having a card 5 years ago, and I KNOW its not true.

So two mistakes. Stick to the truth, every time, and don't ever send anyone to a immigration lawyer for waiver advice. I dare you to refute ANYTHING I have ever said, and I have written a lot, on this forum. Notice that all my advice is specific, free, and I never shy away from a question, or ask for a fee.

JOHN ROGERS replied 2 years ago   #12

Harry Lime, talk to a US border agent or get good advice from a reputable US/Canadian immigration lawyer.

just because cards are no longer issued does not mean it is not valid. Card is still valid. Your card is a form I-185. It originally came with a form I-194 (paper waiver) with instructions to pick up your card. If you lost the form I-194 or it is deteriorated to can apply for a REPLACEMENT and if you have a clear record since then they will issue one.

John, whats your problem? Your advice is bad and you should not attack people trying to help. Harry should do what is best for him.

luckyduck2 replied 2 years ago   #11

luckyduck2 I don't think you are correct.

First of all, if you have a permanent waiver, why are you here in this Waiver forum? Nostalgia?

Secondly, this person has a card from 1997. Those cards were not longer issued after 2001. So you are saying you had a card from before 2001 and didn't use it until 5 years ago?

I deal in reality here. Your story doesn't add up.

JOHN ROGERS replied 2 years ago   #10

Harry Lime. That card is gold. They originally issued that card with paper waiver. Because you have that card they know you have a waiver that is valid indefinitely. If you want you can apply for them to re-issue the paper version of waiver. They will.

I know because I have the same card. Dept of homeland security re-issued a paper waiver about 5 years ago. I still use card to cross at buffalo and pearson airport.... Border agents know that card and will tell you how lucky you are to have that

luckyduck2 replied 2 years ago   #9

Harry lime: No your Permanent waiver was discontinued after 9/11.

Before 9/11 you could apply for waivers and after 2 or 3 you would get a permanent waiver. I had quite a few clients that got this. After 9/11 everyone was given 1 year to use their permanent waivers and then they were discontinued. There were no 5 years waivers then.

When you apply for a waiver now make sure you include a copy of that permanent waiver "border crossing card" . If its done properly, you should get 5 years but its unlikely you will get a permanent waiver.

JOHN ROGERS replied 2 years ago   #8

I got permanent waiver 212a in 1997, never used it after, embossed card with picture , is it still good

harry lime replied 2 years ago   #7

I read on here that other people would just remove it when traveling to other countries. However one person left it in a was never asked about it or denied entry. I plan on taking it out just in case.

Bunches99 replied 2 years ago   #6

If they staple in the card into your passport do you think there will be any other concerns with travel abroad (ie European countries, South America)?

Just wondering, thoughts?


Sujpov replied 2 years ago   #5

Thank you so much Bunches99
..you really made me feel better. I do get travel anxiety but you put my mind at ease. I will post when I get back.

Ruby replied 2 years ago   #4

I don't think so. There's no reason for them to do that. He has a waiver now so any past charges have been forgiven by the u.s government. Read my post above about the process. Allow plenty of time. Be respectful, honest and pleasant. Don't be stressed. It's fine. You will pass freely. Relax and have fun. My first time I was scared. I'm naturally an anxious person. The second time I got called in to secondary and they searched my car. I of course never had anything but I was so scared they would say I couldn't go to the states. Surely it was just my anxiety. They did a half ass search of my car. Turns out they were making sure I wasn't selling my car in the states. My day job I am a finance manager at a car dealership so that raised suspicion with the guard at the border but the guards inside were not concerned. Now I go weekly and I never have a problem. The American guards are way nicer than the Canadian ones. Put a smile on your faces and go! Let me know how it all goes for you.

Bunches99 replied 2 years ago   #3

We are travelling for the first time on a waiver and I am stressed as trip next week. We are going to Vancouver same place we were denied, three hour turn around time. Will they try to trip him up by asking him questions about the last time he was there..he was so nervous and couldn't remember these charges they were so long ago and gave them info on a charge that was thrown out of court..that was not on his record at all but he thought that was what they were talking about. If we have waiver should we be concerned. I have print outs on where we are staying etc.

Ruby replied 2 years ago   #2

I drove through the border but here's what happened to me:

I passed them my passport and 2 page waiver. He sent me in to the building in Blaine.
Once inside an agent called me over asked me basic questions. Where I was going, how long, what for. Then he asked if my waiver was for drug charges (apparently it's common for Canadians) I replied no and volunteered the info regarding my charges. He took my picture and finger prints again. Then he put info in to his computer and stamped my passport and handed me a card and sent me to the cashier.
I paid the cashier 6 dollars (U.S funds only) and they stapled a card over my new stamp.
Then I left and went to the states.

Now when I go I just pass over my passport and both original copies of the waiver and I've never been asked about it. I've been through about 10 times in a few weeks. I live in a border city.

Allow plenty of time because there may be a wait and you don't want to miss your flight. If you live close to an airport I'd suggest going days before just to do the process.

Bunches99 replied 2 years ago   #1

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