Enter the US while my waiver is pending

Aliceposted 6 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether there is any procedure I can follow to enter the US while my waiver application is pending. I have applied my waiver at a consulate office, and the consulate office told me they requested the waiver for me two months ago, and now still the waiver is pending, but I need to enter the US because my new job starts soon. Anyone can suggest what I should do? Thanks a lot.

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Did you call or contact Pardon Cananda ( non-profit federal organization) they may be help you



badar replied 6 years ago   #3

@Alice I've heard in extreme situations (life / death event) the border officer can grant you temporary US travel. You can show up at a pre-clearance office and ask them.

gday replied 6 years ago   #2

Do not attempt to enter the USA without your waiver.

I'm sure when you were denied entry you were warned about trying to return without a waiver!

If you were to go back over they will ban you for ten years.

I'm on my forth waiver that expires in May/16
I applied for the renewal in Dec./15 so I'm sweating it out as I work in the states 4 days a week.

There is nothing whatsoever to speed up the process.

Dale replied 6 years ago   #1

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