England is first to be Vaccinated - Ken?

J Rogersposted 1 month ago

Ken Scott, can you let us know some updates on how your country is going to roll this out? SInce the UK is first?

As a younger (I assume healthy) male, I assume you will be near the end of the line in England. My assumption is elderly, health care workers and children will be prioritized.

Can you tell us when you realistically expect to get access to vaccination, and if your anxious to get it as soon as possible, or are you concerned with the speed they have approved it and are taking a "wait and see" approach?

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Well, have a Happy Christmas my friend since you obviously have little knowledge regarding Youtube and clearly other things. I guess that you are unaware that stats/views constantly change on Youtube. Also, obviously, you cannot count since some of the videos have received more views than others. Anyway, gonna keep it light since it is Christmas and Covid. Sorry for the late reply since I rarely have time to come to this online chat room now. Maybe in the new year, you can post your "accreditation" letter and it is interesting to see if it matches the two that I have in my possession that only lists Jennifer's name as accredited. I also understand you really cannot post much here over the holidays since you can only do it while "the boss" is not near you.

Anyway, will discuss putting you on the payroll to kinda help ya out in the new year:). Also looks like you know nothing about credit repair as usual. It is fine since we are also getting interest from people here on the forum surprisingly on this topic. Anyway, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year my mellow fellow:) Let me know how your Christmas went in Manhattan.

KSCOTT replied 3 weeks ago   #13


The three videos you showed had 25 views, 18 views and 12 views.

That is 3 hours of video for 55 views, and I am probably 7 of those views. Pathetic.

Pardon and Waiver Experts is accredited to fingerprint. I had a 5 hour interview with the RCMP and was fingerprinted so that I am also accredited.

I have not been to New York since I played in the New York 7's Rugby tournament. I live and work in Brampton, and we are open Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, so I have to be in our office. We have an actual office, not a small nook in a tiny UK apartment.

I saw your website for your new "credit repair" business. I don't know the "credit repair business" in other provinces, but in Ontario these are mainly scams.

WHen I type in "credit repair" I get this;

Do credit repair companies really work?

Legitimate credit repair companies can help you remove inaccurate information from your credit report, which may be damaging your credit score. However, they can't do anything for you that you couldn't do on your own—and for free.Oct 13, 2020

You charge $59 to start but then keep taking monthly fees of $59 after that. Once you have sent a letter "fixing" the problem, why would you continue to need more money? Also, I notice you use the same mailbox as your waiver business. Again, no real office. Are you also afraid of people with bad credit turning up "unannounced" so you keep the location secret?

So let me see if I have the business model correct. A guy in a secret location (actually in the UK) but pretending to be in Canada wants clients to send money to a mailbox in BC to fix their bad credit? He will never meet with you, just be a voice on the phone, and he is brand new to the business (your website seems inaccurate in that regard) and they trust that this will happen? I have this correct?

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #12

Well again J.R. you do not know what country I am currently in and I am not a journalist. You do not know how often I foolishly travel either. It is my own personal risk and actually none of your business. You are currently in New York but there is no reason for me to dwell on it since it is your business. I do not have the need to constantly post my personal business on a social media platform seeking validation.

I can try to find a CBC story for you on COVID-19 but that is the best that I can do for you. The only thing that you are correct about is that we do have a London location in addition to our other ones listed on our website in B.C and more.

I do not understand why you pretend to be "accredited", have an open office in Ontario or even be in Ontario. I mean if you want to play that card then I can post the documents that show you are not "accredited" since the only name on the accreditation letter is Jennifer's. My buddy that has a fingerprint business has documentation listing all the names as being accredited.

You do not have this as of 2019. Nor have you had it since 2009. I have copies of both accreditation letters and your name is not listed anywhere. Hence, this is why yours is a false claim. So yeah, you really need to smarten up and just focus on yourself since we are doing likewise and really have little time to devote to you. There are more important things to focus on like COVID-19 and getting the economy back in order. Hence, this is also why we have put out the free videos on how people can do their own pardons. People need to work, and some cannot afford to pay a Discount Waiver Company to slap together a pardon.

So, we can stick to relevant border crossing topics or you can play this "location and accreditation" game. So yeah, lets keep the forum on relevant border crossing business since this is what it was designed for. No one is interested in using you here based on the feedback that we get from people that are viewing our pardon videos and have contacted us from this forum.




Ken Scott
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KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #11

Vaccine starts tonight in Saskatchewan, 1900 health care workers will be getting it. What's going in other areas?

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #10


I asked you about the virus/vaccine in the country you are currently in. Thats all. You are in England as the video you made shows. Surrey UK. Its right on the video. Have you flown back since?

I guess this long winded reply was really "I don't know what's happening with covid/vaccines, I am not following it."

All this effort to pretend your in Canada. Why?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #9

I think you are confused here again J.R. I was talking about my administrator contacting me about www.2ndchancecreditrepair.ca. She has nothing to do with any administrators here. Again, you have no actual idea where I am. Hence, it is another unsuccessful trolling attempt by you. I see that you never seem to want to address your Lower Manhattan location or the fact that you are not on any documents related to Jennifer's business, but you claim to be “accredited”.

I am waiting for you to claim that you are on the accreditation documents so that I can show the people here that she is only listed on them as of 2019. I could state misrepresentation/false statements on your part but will refrain out of respect for COVID-19 victims. Although it makes sense that you would not be on her business documents if you are in Lower Manhattan. Sorry my error...

Anyway, yeah, I can only suggest that you watch the news to check the progress on the vaccine distribution since I do not have a degree in journalism. Also, obviously you are wanting to know about our current cases at the Surrey BC location. Well, we had a certain person come in I believe Wednesday or Thursday that got denied entry. Now this person I cannot really elaborate on since this person is famous and has their name all over the internet.

We also had 2 people come into the Vancouver location that got denied entry basically because they used the wrong choice of words. We had a gentleman come in 2 days before that that has an extremely complex sex related case. He will be coming back after Christmas. We had a gentleman come down from Alberta on an old case that requires research. Yesterday, the gentleman referred his relative that has an almost identical issue.

We also have a film crew scheduled to come to one of the BC locations this week to make another promotional video this week. I tell you what I will do for you though J.R....I will tell my video guy to put a line in the video dedicated to you. I will make sure he says something like "Well J.R.'s trolling has really helped boost ratings." Then I will ensure that he mentions the date that they are filming and location. Then you will get to see the actual Surrey office.

So, if you want to ask us questions then be a man and just come out and ask. Stop punking out and just spit out what you want to know. I do not mean to be harsh, but it is frustrating how some guys now have turned into the equivalent of jelly fish. You know that I will likely answer your questions anyway. Also, I have a request of something that you can do for us. I actually do appreciate that you often like to create rooms in my name and honour. I cannot really do it since I would come off as pompous. However, can you also mention our new business in the future rooms that you create for us?

I say this because you have been promoting us here for the past 3-4 years now for free. You may have some odd tendencies, but your promotional techniques have worked beyond expectations for us. The astonishing thing I have encountered is that people are convinced that you are on my payroll. Can you please explicitly state to people here that you are not on our payroll yet?

I am seriously considering finding a job where I can add you to our payroll after the border reopens.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #8


Not to get on a rant about vaccines vs cures, but I have seen this question before. Anti-vaxxers are spreading this apparently as well as "anti-maskers".

Cancer is essentially cells reproducing and lacking the gene to make them stop. Its a problem because your trying to get one set of cells to "stop growing" while not affecting healthy cells. My understanding with a vaccine is your not "curing" anything, your introducing part of the infection into the body, to make your body immune to contracting it.

I am sure I have oversimplified it, but i am not surprised the vaccine was created so fast. The atomic bomb, space flight, technology for war.....they all come fast and furious when you have an unlimited budget to throw at it and also governments are onboard with getting fast approval.

So we went from "this is real stay home" vs "its not that bad" to "maskers vs anti-maskers" now we will get the full force of the "get the shot" vs "anti-vaxxers lite". Its amazing how people get pulled into opposite camps so easily.

Anti-vaxxers have been salivating at the thought of having an actual substance to "oppose" and must be so excited to finally have a real enemy. The movement was started by people who had children with autism or other issues that they felt were caused by vaccinations. In my opinion, it started from a place of love and concern. (possibly misguided)

Unfortunately, during covid, they took on a whole new angle. Covid was a hoax, masks were dangerous, herd immunity would solve everything. They were warning the government was going to force people to take a dangerous and untested vaccine.

Here we are, months later, and now they finally have their "cause". What they didn't realize, is that the public is so desperate to be done with this, we don't care. We all want to get back to business, to sports, to everything. Anti-vaxxers also include racists groups, and pro-trump people. Republicans are just NOW realizing that their misinformation is killing more than a 1000 Americans A DAY. Remember, Vietnam only killed 50 000 Americans...in 10 years.

The next "issue"? If you don't get vaccinated, will you be "banned" from certain jobs, places or countries? On a personal note, since I have had GBS, I am at a high risk to relapse if I take any vaccine. That being said, I cannot in good conscience not take the vaccine and risk exposing clients to anything. Some of our fingerprinting clients are elderly, so I will take the vaccine, when it becomes available to me.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #7


How is it trolling to ask how the roll out of a vaccine we are all looking forward to is going?

The UK got it first. You are in England. Everyone HERE is genuinely interested in what is happening, since the UK is just ahead of us here in Canada.

Remember, when I addressed Covid before, you went OUT OF YOUR WAY to say you were attending parties in BC and were meeting a ton of new clients there.

Even though I doubt it happened, you were pretty dismissive and as I stated at the time, that was a big slap in the face to victims.

Its all here on the forum. As for "contacted by the administrator", they aren't replying to anyone else, even when I have critiqued the advertisers. So I am highly doubtful.

Please tell us all about your "new" business. In a separate thread of course. I hope transparency and integrity are front in center.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #6

Well, let me turn on Global BC news and see what they are saying. You will likely get the vaccine before us since New York is part of the USA. Good news for us is that Health Canada has approved the Pfizer vaccine.

Btw as a gesture of common decency you should really stop the trolling behaviour right now under the current COVID-19 environment. Too many Canadians have suffered and lost loved ones under this crisis. We all need to be pulling and working together. This is irregardless of what you may or may not think of me. So, I am asking you here in front of Canadian society to put your trolling on pause until this pandemic gets better. Then you are free to start trolling again since your trolling can then be maximized to facilitate our ever-increasing clientele base.

Right now, your trolling is ineffective since more people are focused on the pandemic and basic survival. Your fascination with England has though greatly facilitated the fact that we have a global reach since we a are the only competitor in this business with locations in 4 countries. So yes, it has help us greatly, but you should tone it down now out of respect for the lost Canadian souls.

I understand that you currently have little to no friends. I would like to be your friend and meet up at a pub when it is safe. The first drink is on me since you are a very mellow fellow. Also, you trolling has caused people to avoid the forum now. Hence, the true spirit and purpose of the forum has now been rendered moot.

On a different note, next year we are rolling out a personal finance related service that will help Canadians impacted by COVID-19 19. It was announced on my personal Facebook page yesterday. The last thing needed is that we are trying to finalize the fees that we will charge. This service will be unquestionably larger than the entire US Entry Waiver industry. We are going to use our current infrastructure to offer this service in Canada and Washington State.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

[ KSCOTT appended this reply on December 9, 2020 @ 12:26 pm ]

Also, the administrator just spoke to me as I finished posting my last reply. She just told me that I should now post the new service that we will be offering next year. This service is for people suffering from bad credit and are being harassed by bill collectors. Essentially, we can get these collectors to leave you alone and also help you restore your credit. I have been doing this project on the side for friends since 1998. She recently discovered this and asked me why I was not charging for this service. I guess it is the Cuban/Dominican mindset that I have regarding helping friends for free. Her having the Estonian mindset is why she is the administrator since Estonians are all about business and no tolerance for BS.

John has given us the potential to make this service explode by his trolling and continued fascination with me and England. Thanks to John's promoting behaviour, we can make the headquarters in London UK, and Ben Archer can run that location for us. This service will explode, and I have to admit that a lot of it is due to John's promotive support.

This will be an additional service offered to people like Willie the Warehouse worker in Winterpeg since he definitely needs it. Hence 1 project down and another 23 to go.


Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

KSCOTT replied 1 month ago   #5

It was announced here in Saskatchewan that front line workers will start receiving vaccine next week, the general public will not receive unit April 2021. Maybe they can find a cure for cancer now, interesting how they can find a vaccine for COVID in less then 1 year, however, cancer research is on going for 50+ years? Just saying...

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #4

@Ken Scott A 90 year old grandmother was the first to be vaccinated in the UK.

Thoughts? Do you have any indication when you might be getting the vaccine personally? Estimates?

What is the mood over there in terms of "getting back to business"?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #3


Do you not watch the news? The UK is the first to approve and roll out the vaccination (outside Russia, but we don't believe anything Russia says anyways)

You are in England. We are in a holding pattern here in Canada, but a vaccine in the key to getting back to normal.

Technically YOU can get access to the vaccine BEFORE us in Canada. We have no framework here yet, because the vaccine has NOT been approved by Health Canada.

I think you missed the "intent" of the question. You are "technically" ahead of us here, and we won't be where YOU are vaccine wise until after Christmas. I was wondering if you KNEW how it was being handled in your country, when you PERSONALLY could get it etc. Mostly for US here to have an idea of timelines.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

Why would I know the answer to this question? Actually, I have a more relevant question that is related to this topic and waivers. When will the COVID-19 vaccine roll out in Lower Manhattan in New York since the USA is your country? This ties into why the borders are still closed and maybe you can shed some insight here regarding Manhattan and New York in general.

I also assume you are healthy and have not had a relapse of your Guillain-Barré Syndrome disease...although does this make you vulnerable to COVID-19? If so, then you definitely need to isolate since I believe that New York does not have universal health coverage.

Also, we may be close in age or so?

k scott replied 1 month ago   #1

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