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Michelleposted 1 year ago

Hi All, Michelle from FPS Fingerprint Pardon Services, I have not been on here for a long time, simply due to sooo busy...However, I just was reading through, and it is great to see so many people with experience helping each other. And as always, John is a wealth of information and keeps this site updated regularly. I am just posting this as I noticed this yesterday, when I filed an E-safe. I hope this is not for the long haul.

E-SAFE Site..

Notice: We are currently receiving a high volume of applications. Processing times vary by applicant, but on average applications are currently being processed between 6-12 months. These are average times. Unfortunately, we cannot anticipate a date of completion for your specific application at this time.

Applicants for T or U nonimmigrant status should not file using e-SAFE but should consult USCIS.gov for further information

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Yes you can start the application, and then save up until the point where you stop.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #6

I have the same question?

Does anyone know if you can start and stop the waiver application online without it losing all your info already inout?

timononk replied 9 months ago   #5

Does anyone know if you can start and stop the waiver application online without it losing all your info already inout?

Cathy replied 10 months ago   #4


Yes this is typical. On this site you will see the most recent waiver was filed on January 10th. So a couple more weeks.

As for last year, that was BEFORE summer which caused a traffic jam of waivers all at once because all the people who had not applied during covid or recently, all applied at one.

Hey in July 2021 I was getting waivers in 5-10 days. But the sheer volume has slowed it down. You are close though.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #3

I efiled Jan 31,2023 and it is still saying submitted. I received my first waiver (only good for one year) after just 29 days after efiling in Jan 2022.

Linda replied 1 year ago   #2

I filed it on esafe dec 22 and dropped by the border on jan 3 . Still waiting for my waiver . Its my first one. On esafe the status is “dec 22 submitted to aro” …

Seph213 replied 1 year ago   #1

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