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PJ1posted 4 weeks ago

I completed my waiver renewal application just now via the e-safe site which was 100x easier than the old system and printing documents! I went through the "required" documents one at a time but I forgot to upload a scan of my pardon. Now I submitted the RCMP finger prints that show no convictions and also the document showing the conviction before it was expunged from CPIC. I don't see anyway to add additional documents after certification. I plan to bring a copy of my pardon with me for biometrics next week (along with all the other documents I uploaded) but not sure if that will be added into the application at some point. I've had 3 "5 year" waivers and a couple of 1 years so hoping this won't be a deal breaker for my renewal (they should have copies from past applications?). Is it worth attempting to email then with the document to add or is the application sealed now and nothing will happen? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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In case this helps anyone, if you miss a document, or you want to add additional documents, they are able to scan and add to your application, those documents at your biometrics appointment/visit. I did email the ARO who got back to me in about 1 day and more or less said thanks for letting them know (that I'd be taking the document to the border on the day of my biometrics).

PJ1 replied 2 weeks ago   #4


Fingerprints will always be required because they want to see what CPIC shows. If you had a new conviction that didn't revoke your pardon, how would they know? Fingerprints will ALWAYS be needed.

They are thinking of dropping the reference letters.

When you go to the border, ask them to add a copy of the pardon. Its not a big deal since you have had waivers before.

They don't keep any of the documents any longer.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #3

Thanks for the reply. My charges were from over 25 years ago and no run in's with the law since that one time.

I received the 1 year waivers for my first three applications and then the last 3 have all been 5 years.

I reached out via the email address on their site as to how I should get my copy of the pardon into them (if they need it) and I'll also bring it with my documents this week when I attend the crossing for bio metrics. I'm hoping they collect the hard copies of the documents you upload so that pardon scan print out would get to who ever does the review. Worst case I figured I can "mail" the document in. As you said, they should see a long history of waivers so I'm not too concerned, just feel so silly for forgetting that one document. It says it's required on the main landing pages "documents needed" but then then list where you actually upload didn't list it which is why I think I missed it. Overall, this process is so much cleaner. Just hoping one day the needing to go in every 5 years for finger prints with them won't be required.

PJ1 replied 4 weeks ago   #2

@PJ1 You can’t add anything once you submitted your application. With a few 5 year waivers, I don’t see the deal breaker unless you’ve had recent negative changes on your CPIC and it sounds like you don’t., I don’t think your pardon document would make a difference on you getting a 5 year waiver again. I have to ask however, were the 1 year waivers all before the 5 year ones?

SarahB replied 4 weeks ago   #1

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