Thirumaranposted 2 months ago

Is the collection of i192 via e-SAFE is suspended now? Is there any other way to apply for us entry waiver?

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@Ken. Nothing new

I started a thread called "Pardons Canada" and constantly complained about them. Started by Ian Lavine, they were given a nice review by a Toronto Star columnist without checking them out, and when I called her on it, she refused to do anything because "we attend the same temple with him and his wife".

Andrew Tanenbaum and his wife now own/run it. Ian ran away knowing one day, he would be all over the news as a fraud. I took the Social Services business away form Pardons Canada in 2002. They were charging $400 + for a "fast pardon". I was asked to come down to Metro Hall to talk to a meeting of Labour Market Managers because they suspected they were being taken for a ride.

I told them I would do the whole thing to help Social Services out for $250 total. It was a great deal for them. We had a great relationship until about 2012 when the fees went up and they started sending people to the John Howard Society.

Great story, we would charge an additional $90 and Jennifer would go to their house and fingerprint the client at home.

I will say that Pardons Canada does have a real office. E-safe applications aren't even the worst thing they do. They make the client do all of the work, are extremely slow, and even make the client do almost the entire Pardon in their own.

Be careful though Ken. I know this company on the west coast that promises virtually everyone that they "can get you a September Letter".

Glass houses.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #8

Well, my fine feathered friend...thank you for your answer and I am about to do something that will shock you. One of our clients told me that a Discount Waiver Company recently filed a waiver application for his buddy using esafe. The buddy is not an essential worker, and the DWC took his money and said that he will get approved in 12 months. Obviously, this is a complete false statement. So, it appears that the DWCs are filing waivers for people while knowing that CBP will not process them. Hence, the poor sucker just lost his $585 or $930usd fees or both. 👿

Well, sweet cheeks (the name that Bubba gave you), you are always itching for the company name on this forum. The name of the company is Pardons Canada, and they are in your neighbourhood. They definitely took his buddy for a ride and played him like a fiddle. Hence, this is why I am always warning forum members about what happens when you use these dollar store waiver providers.

There are other things that they have apparently done as well. I usually do not like listing competitor names since I am not into free advertising. However, this event is extremely egregious and is worth mentioning. 🤔

Ken Scott
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K SCOTT replied 1 month ago   #7

@Ken great question.

I would advise not doing eSafe if you are a non essential worker right now. You will lose the $585 after 45 days we assume.

Essential workers CAN use eSafe.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #6

@ John in your opinion, please elaborate what happens when people(non essential workers) file using esafe and do not make the 45 day deadline to get to the border to do their prints. They are only processing esafe waiver applications for essential workers for now.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 1 month ago   #5

@Stephanie No, I am in Brampton Ontario.

I send all my clients to Niagara Falls though.

We are currently open Monday to Friday 9-6 and Saturday 10-3 but you can call 24/7 at 905-459-9669. When I am not in the office, I forward my phones.

My cell is 416-843-1371, feel free to text that number if you have questions as well.

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J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #4

Biometrics is only open for essential workers, every else has to wait when border will open for the biometrics process.

jorden replied 1 month ago   #3

@J Rogers are you based in Niagara Falls

Stephanie replied 1 month ago   #2

@Thirumaran I had a client who used E-Safe and was successful (it was posted on here) so it must be working.

If you use e-safe and then go to Niagara Falls for the biometrics that seems to work for sure.

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #1

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