Do I need to re book travel plans?

Rubyposted 7 years ago

My husband applied for his RCMP fingerprints early December, still have not received. We booked our Hawaii trip for early June. From the sounds of it, we probably will not receive the waiver in time. Should we re book or take the chance? Thoughts? Good luck to everyone, sounds like the processing times are inconsistent

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Does anyone know if for the DOS it is first come first serve for the waivers or do they actually look at each and evaluate.for instance do they take into consideration if you have a travel date. Also I have a character letter from a high ranking person in Canadian military. Would this help to increase my chances for getting the waiver faster or no? Thanks for advice. I am thinking of throwing in the towel for my Hawaii trip as doesn't look likely and we will lose all this money but this is too stressful. Better to have waiver in hand to rebook anything. Good Luck to you all who have been waiting so long. It really sucks and not fair

Ruby replied 7 years ago   #6

Ruby, 1st time waivers are the longest to get in all honesty, cause of secondary checks and all, and the usual time frame is around 10 months.

2nd and 3rd waivers are generally easier and faster providing there hasn't been any new convictions, cause even if it's a DUI after your 1st waiver ... secondary checks are necessary that will severely slow your downtime, that coupled with email inquires ... 12months isn't out of the ordinary, I'm on my 3rd now... but 9 months has been the longest for me.

RCMP fingerprints have taken usually 2-3 months, that mixed with the waiver 4-5 months... so 6 or 7 months from BC is kind of the usual guideline.

vancity replied 7 years ago   #5

Yes it is a first time waiver.We only have until November 19th to use the condo after our re book but it sounds like we won't get the waiver this year? I know people have worse situations than me so I wont whine but it does Thanks for advice. I guess they don't take into consideration that you have a date on your waiver to go to States? Is it just first come first if someone is still waiting after eleven months, mine would be for sure after this? Thanks..this forum has been helpful

Ruby replied 7 years ago   #4

Ruby, best to rebook...Is it a first time waiver? I know it can be frustrating, but DHS is really slow getting the waivers done within the 6 month time frame cause it is an election year...saw the same thing happen years back in another election year....rcmp is taking an average 120 days for fingerprints... so you should be getting those prints back pretty soon...but don't count on getting to Hawaii in October.

Best of luck.

vancity replied 7 years ago   #3

That's even if we re book for October we are still taking a chance..ughh.. You would think they would want tourists with the low dollar. Most of the people on this forum have a minor charge from eons ago and are good hardworking citizens who are no threat to security. This must be so frustrating for you!

Ruby replied 7 years ago   #2

Just passed the 11 month mark. Will have to cancel spring break travel plan. This is the worst it has ever been. Don't know if they have had layoffs or what but these wait times are outrageous. Not like we can complain to the DHS though. It's just sit and wait and hope you get a 5 year deal.

Figman replied 7 years ago   #1

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