DNA Sample required for US Waiver?

TomMaposted 1 week ago

is it required to give a DNA sample along with biometrics for US Waiver?

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@J Rogers Thank you for the info!!

TomMa replied 6 days ago   #4


There seems to be no pattern. Or if they have one I cannot see it. It can ONLY really be used to solve unsolved murders. I have many clients who have been asked for one, and many others who have not. Seems random to me.

J Rogers replied 6 days ago   #3

@casper I went to Lewiston Port of Entry last week to give biometrics but they also asked for DNA after biometrics. I don't have any criminal record. I am confused now.

TomMa replied 1 week ago   #2

I've done it 5 times and have never been asked.
Maybe for sexually based cases.

casper replied 1 week ago   #1

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