DNA Sample required for US Waiver?

TomMaposted 1 year ago

is it required to give a DNA sample along with biometrics for US Waiver?

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@TomMa Did you need to make an appointment to go get your biometrics done at lewiston? I keep calling the number and no one answers it.

LizP replied 5 months ago   #9

Same experience here, was asked to provide DNA sample when doing the biometrics portion of my application... This is my first waiver and I applied through esafe. It looked as if the CBP officer was highly confused as to what he needed to do when I told him I applied through esafe, he thought I had the paper application. In the end, the whole process took almost 3 hours and the officer needed at least 3 or 4 people to help him. Crossing was Port Huron, MI.

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My charges are for theft, so not sure why they need this... but I have nothing to hide, so, not really concerned.

SB replied 10 months ago   #8

@J Rogers Calasis, Maine. From what I found though, it looks like this will be happening to everyone going forward regardless. In 2020 the DoJ more or less force the CBP to start collecting DNA samples for certain people, waiver applicants included.

U.S. Border Patrol collects DNA samples from non-U.S. citizens detained under the authority of the United States and from U.S. citizens and lawfully admitted permanent residents arrested and facing federal charges between the ages of 14-79. Additionally, samples are being collected from individuals encountered by the Office of Field Operations between the ages of 14-79, who are a non-U.S. citizens detained under United States authority and are being processed for inadmissibility or removal; or a U.S. citizen wanted on a federal warrant.


PJ1 replied 1 year ago   #7


Did you not use Esafe? Which border was this?

Yes a certain % of clients are getting DNA, only really useful for unsolved cases or for sexual assault cases.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #6

I just completed my bio metrics for my, I guess it is 6th waiver (4 x 5 years and a couple 1 years way back) and I was asked for a DNA sample. My conviction is related to theft/fraud so not sure what DNA does. I wasn't super comfortable at all with that but what can you do if you want a successful waiver as I'm sure refusing just means no waiver. Finger printing is all digital now so that was a bonus at least. They also did this new "sworn statement" thing which was new in the over 20 years of getting waivers.

One thing was they wanted details of my incarceration which I thought was good. I didn't spend any time in actual jail and was on electronic monitoring (judge recommended) for the first 1/3 and then parole for the remaining 2/3. The lady I was dealing with said "I'm going to capture that in the application". I guess I'm always hoping for that ultra slim chance of getting a September Letter if enough time passes.

PJ1 replied 1 year ago   #5

@J Rogers Thank you for the info!!

TomMa replied 1 year ago   #4


There seems to be no pattern. Or if they have one I cannot see it. It can ONLY really be used to solve unsolved murders. I have many clients who have been asked for one, and many others who have not. Seems random to me.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #3

@casper I went to Lewiston Port of Entry last week to give biometrics but they also asked for DNA after biometrics. I don't have any criminal record. I am confused now.

TomMa replied 1 year ago   #2

I've done it 5 times and have never been asked.
Maybe for sexually based cases.

casper replied 1 year ago   #1

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