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Miloposted 3 weeks ago

I crossed by land with my waiver, they stapled a departure card into my passport and when I crossed back over the border agent didn’t remove the card so it’s still stapled and I haven’t crossed back since due to covid. The card is now expired. What happens now? Does this mean to the border agent I overstayed when that’s not the case at all. Also my current passport is expired, I will be applying for a new one so I won’t have my old one any longer with the card stapled to it, it will be returned with my application for the new passport. I’m concerned I won’t be able to cross now and have a trip planned via air into the states.

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Show it to Homeland Security WHEREVER you pass US customs. As for the card, just leave it, and fly OR drive. You don't need to avoid either.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #3

Thank you so much for your reply. So if I cross again by land will I have an issue without the card or should I only travel by air now because of this?

Also another question I had is regarding the airport, now that I have the waiver am I showing it to homeland security when I land in Florida or do I show it to our side when I fly out of Hamilton? I’m confused about the process as I’ve not flown with my waiver before.

Milo replied 3 weeks ago   #2


Great question! I get this a lot from clients.

When you have a waiver, the I-94 card has a different purpose than a non waiver person.

Waiver person; the card is meant to show you were given a secondary, and do not need another for the duration of the card.
Non Waiver Person: Hand this card in when you cross back into Canada to show you left.

When you fly there is no card. Only driving.

Note, even Homeland Security guys mix up the meanings of the card.

Just leave the card. Its not a big deal, if a Homeland Security guy says anything, just nod and it will be fine.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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