Denied Entry to Mexico

Michelleposted 7 months ago

Until this weekend, I had always advised that travel to Mexico was fine, regardless of a Criminal Record or Pardon. I have been telling people this for 20+ years. A client was just denied, and they do not have an existing criminal record. They have a past, but it was removed with a File Destruction years ago. Even so, the charges were minor, assaults and uttering threats. I am curious, if anyone on here has been denied into Mexico?

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Hi. Is there more information on this? Did the individual voluntarily disclose this information about their past? Or was it accessed somehow by Mexico?

Mexico does not have access to the shared databases that Canada and the US do.

Mark15 replied 7 months ago   #3

@John, hahahah... Seriously, when client called me, I thought he meant he was on a flight to Mexico, that landed in the USA.. I honestly have no direction for him regarding Mexico..

Michelle replied 7 months ago   #2


Never heard of this. Obviously, I will now start doing waivers into Mexico using mSAFE, and I will charge about $10 500 Pesos.

Luckily, in the late 90's i was in a bar, and I believe I wrote the Mexican bar exam. So I am either qualified to do Mexican waivers, or mix a margarita, the whole episode is hazy.

J Rogers replied 7 months ago   #1

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