Current Wait Times For Fingerprints

WannaGoToUSAposted 1 year ago

Can anyone share how long they waited to get their fingerprints back from the RCMP?

I went to a Commissionaires Office on December 9th (exactly 3 months ago) and had my prints done / submitted through them.
Is 3+ months normal right now?

I know on the RCMP website, they are stating it can take up to 4 months... but any time I've done this in the past, I've gotten them back within about a month.

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@powder yes the problem is people always rely on "this happened to me" but 2 months ago was January. The other problem not all fingerprints are searched the same. 20 days is actually pretty fast. I don't want this guy to be delayed, but I will also feel bad if he rushes back in and does fingerprints, and they suddenly appear.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #5

@J Rogers
yes it was my personal experience 2 months ago from Calgary but since they say it was less than a month the previous times something obviously went wrong

powder replied 1 year ago   #4


20 days is misleading. Where did you get that number?

"No hit" records are faster that fingerprints showing a record. They type of application is also a factor. How far from Ottawa are you? It comes by regular mail, Newfoundland or BC are going to take much longer than Ontario.

We do fingerprinting for pardons, waivers, permanent residence, Citizenship, and about 4 other types plus card scans. Every day we get fingerprints into our office, but there are probably 2/3 more we don't even get that go to the clients. You are giving advice as if you have a wide variety of fingerprints you have seen, but 20 days tells me you are going by your own experience, or what you have heard. VERY few Prints showing a record make it in 20 days right now. Some as much as 60 plus. It is inconsistent because it changes constantly. Also, pardon prints take longer than waiver prints, and both take longer than records that have been pardoned.

Forget asking the RCMP or going to their website, whatever they quote you is wrong for CERTAIN, and they haven't updated their information in YEARS.

The person who asked might still get them (we have some stragglers as well) but in a week or so its not worth waiting any longer.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #3

I would go back to the Commissionaires office with the receipt and have them check they correctly digitally submitted them to the RCMP.
If they have and you have no mitigating circumstances if should take less than 20 days.

powder replied 1 year ago   #2


That does seem long. Double check the address they were to be mailed to. If that checks out, then after another week, do them again. They do get sent out "regular" mail so the odd one does get lost.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #1

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