Covid Test Required To Return To Canada After Filing a Waiver

K SCOTTposted 9 months ago

So today me and the Surrey BC manager decided to make a video today in the Surrey BC office. Essentially, we called CBSA and were told that apparently you now have to provide a Covid test to enter Canada....after you go to the border to file your waiver. Obviously, you can do the test before you head down to the border and are good as long as it is less than 72 hours old.

However, this will be an added expense for waiver clients. I suggest that people call CBSA at 800 461-9999 to find out the latest requirements since things constantly change. I also spoke to our borders that we deal with and was told that CBP will indeed ask you if you have the proper vaccinations regarding entering the country. They also could demand proof that you have indeed complied.

We will also be doing a video on Esafe since some of these guards are playing games with this subject. We are always here to provide you informative content from one of our 6 and soon to be 9 global locations.

Lord Ken Scott
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Anyone know if there’s any POEs taking biometrics in Western Canada aside from BC?

Magnus replied 8 months ago   #7

Hi All, This is the first time I have been on here for a long time. I am extremely busy with clients who did not deliver their waiver applications right before COVID. I am pushing through those files first, before I am taking on any new clients. I have been using E-safe, and am waiting for people to attend the biometrics. Currently, Portal, ND is the only place around here (Saskatchewan) doing the biometrics, and they are requesting an appointment to be booked ahead of time. I do not have any updates or info to add to the restrictions coming back into Canada. I also haven't had time to review comments or questions on here. Sorry, if you have a specific question for me, please contact me through email at

Michelle replied 8 months ago   #6

@K Scott

You should really refrain from unprofessional behavior. We have a lot of new people on the forum, most do not know who you are, and it makes a very bad impression.

Facts about Ken Scott
-Ken used to do waivers in BC. He is originally from England and during the pandemic he went back to England
-His "organization" is basically him and another guy, and they work out of a mailbox. (UPS Store) If you go on their website, you will see Ken Scott has a bio that is obviously fictional. Its so over the top, its almost a parody of a regular bio. He even calls himself a "Lord".
-Ken isn't bad at doing waivers. He is just not truthful about himself or his company. He also focuses on pretending he has many locations and employees for the appearance of being "big".
-Ken will give you the impression that he will get you a "September Letter" when in fact, you are simply applying for an expensive waiver.
-His locations are "secret", his prices "vary".

It looks like he is back in Canada for now.

Ken, I have done a few BC waivers, and have been doing waivers since May. I posted a good chunk of them. You have done NONE recently. I would advise anyone out west to steer clear for now, until you do a few waivers, and instead they can contact Michelle or myself. Michelle is honest to a fault and great at doing waivers.

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #5

@ John yeah well I can understand that your have lack of knowledge in this area since you have no business. However, I did indeed neglect to put up the youtube link for the video. Obviously, you do not have the CBP contacts that we have ourselves so I can understand why you are mistaken and lie to people as usual. Anyway, here is the video but I only have 1 question for you.

Btw when are you going to own up and admit your lies about me "living" in England and working out of an apartment?? I am Just curious since you have kept up this lie and others for the past 4 years. I understand that you live in New York and drive across the Rainbow bridge. Hence your lack of knowledge is apparent here. However, we obtain our info straight from the source. Perhaps you need additional education and training in this area. Then you can also be successful one day just like us. I could always do a youtube video and interview the guy that has used Esafe 2 years ago and his waiver is still pending. I could also interview the other guys that used Esafe and their data was lost and other problems.

Get some education in the border crossing business Slick.

K SCOTT replied 8 months ago   #4


I have not been able to see a pattern, I have had both men and women get DNA taken, and other clients who never did.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #3

@J Rogers

I’ve asked this here before: have you or any of the others on here been able to discern why they ask for a DNA sample from some but not others?

Is it possible with those who have pardons for criminal records are the ones being asked or is it something else?

Otherwise it just appears random as to who gets asked and who doesn’t and possibly ventures down the path of some getting discriminated against based solely on “appearance”.

Magnus replied 9 months ago   #2


They say on the phone that they require the test, but in reality, if you read this board, (forum) you will see that all of my clients since May, (about 300) and all of the people who have handed in waivers themselves DO NOT REQUIRE a test just to get biometrics at the border.

All waivers MUST be eSAFE now (it hasn't changed yet) and this is beneficial to the clients anyways, since it makes their visit to the border SHORTER.

Since you obviously haven't sent anyone recently, here is what happens;

-File is done and paid through eSAFE. No forms need to be included in the package, but eSAFE does give you the ability to print them out if you wish.
-The client takes the OTHER documents (including original RCMP check) to the border when they go, and its smart to have proof of payment as well
-The officer looks at the documents, gives them back to the client, then takes fingerprints, and sometimes DNA as well.
-When the client leaves, they are given a document that states they did not enter the US. They present this to Canada, and as long as they are vaccinated, they then do not need to self quarantine.

15-20 days later, the client gets an email that states "there has been a change of status in your file, you have 30 days to download the documents".
That means the waiver is likely granted, and can be downloaded and saved.

Key points
1. copies can now be used
2. After 30 days the waiver is removed from the eSAFE portal
3. With this method, client don't have to wait, or worry that documents will be lost in the mail

eSAFE is far superior to the old method. You can download as MANY documents as you need to make your case, and the border officers HATE it when people try and avoid using makes more work for them. Even if they eventually take waivers outside of eSAFE again, it would be foolish to use it.

Just to avoid regular mail alone is worth it. When Homeland Security asks for additional documents, and you provide them, eSAFE is so quick that 85% of the time, the waiver is granted the NEXT DAY.

I hope this helps get you back up and running. Michelle can verify that everything I just wrote is 100% accurate.

J Rogers replied 9 months ago   #1

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