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KWposted 7 years ago

My conviction is 23 years old. Will the court documents still exist and how do I go about getting them? Is there a cost involved?


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The forms state that you require and must submit record from the court where the conviction took place. My conviction was over 30 years old but I still went to the courthouse. When I showed up they smiled and told me they do not keep records that long. They have a standard letter that they provided me with that said something like given the time that had passed the records had been destroyed in accordance with records retention guidelines. Hope this helps.

Peter K replied 6 years ago   #2

My convictions are from 25 years ago and I never tried to get court documents (never need them). I've successfully received 3 waivers. I guess it may depend on the type of conviction, but you should probably be OK without.

jasonb replied 7 years ago   #1

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