Charges dismissed, stayed or withdrawn..what happens?

MikeGposted 9 years ago

Hypothetical question for those who might know. What happens if your charged with an offense and then the charges are dismissed, stayed or withdrawn. What happens if I decide to enter the US? Am I going to be stopped?

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Why was it considered 'grey area'? What we're the drug charges specifically if you don't mind me asking?

MikeG replied 8 years ago   #3

It did not work for someone I knew, who had 2 drug related charged and they both were stayed later. The US CBP said that her case is in "grey area" and therefore, on the safe side, she should apply for Advance Permission to Enter (Form I-192), which costs her quite a bit of money.

Marillyn replied 8 years ago   #2

@MikeG It's possible that you will be stopped as the offence would probably have been entered into CPIC. Just to be sure, you should carry with you a record of the dismissed or withdrawn charges.

cdnlaw replied 8 years ago   #1

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