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travellover22posted 1 week ago

hi there …..this week submitted my application for my 4th waiver , this time on esafe ( have had a 1 year , then 2- 5 year ) ….. I am from Maritimes and will go to Houlton for my biometrics late next week …I did my application and uploaded my documents, but did not include character reference letters - I never have in the past either ….now I am worried ; as I see different opinions on this forum …should I get some done and bring with me in case ?
…I don’t think I can add more documents to the
existing application online …just wondering opinions

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Thanks , I will find out in few days .
As my waiver ran out last week - I just hope it doesn’t delay things …thanks for help J Rogers

travellover2 replied 1 week ago   #2


It doesn't matter what you bring with you now. The application is now locked anyways. So don't bother.

I don't know if reference letter truly make a difference. They do show effort, and that other people are saying the same thing you are...that you have changed an are now a good person.
I include 2 in every application I do, even if I have to write them for the client. It takes me literally 5 minutes each at most.

I do not have information that they are NOT required, but they specifically DO put a space for them in the application in eSAFE.

I have never seen a reference called. Ever.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #1

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