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Chances of being denied

Hansposted 10 months ago


If your had previous waivers (2x1 year 1x3years) what are the chances of being denied if nothing has changed in terms of the reason of inadmissibility and no new charges/changes on the record?

As I understand it is never a renewal but a new application.

My last one just expired in March 2020 and thinking to apply for a new one by January.

What do the experts here say☺️

Replies (recent first):


The personal letter can be as long as it takes to give proper details, explain why you have changed, and show contrition.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #3

Thank you J Rogers.

If I may ask the personal letter can it be 2 pages long or even 3?

I think this is where I took a shortcut and kept it short🤦🏻‍♂️.

Thank you

Hans replied 10 months ago   #2


As long as you give them everything they want, and don't take shortcuts, you should be ok.

I have never had a client who had a 1, 1 and then 3 year waiver. I have had 1 then 5, or 2 or 3 then 5.

I would suggest you strengthen your personal letter. Or make sure you are giving enough documents. No one should take 4 attempts to get a 5 year waiver.

J Rogers replied 10 months ago   #1

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