Caught with thc capsules at the border - what are my chances?

Batarooposted 1 month ago

I'm a Canadian expat (TN) working in SF for a large tech company. I made the careless mistake of leaving two half empty bottles of thc/cbd capsules in my car as I was crossing Peace Arch into Blaine after visiting my family during the easter holidays. I declared the pills at secondary and got hit with an inadmissibility status due to violation of 212(a)(2)(A)(i)(II). I have a spotless criminal record in both countries.

I have been hesitant in applying for an i-192 waiver because of the border closures but it seems like certain PoEs are taking biometrics now. I'm not sure what my chances of getting a waiver approved are so I haven't reached out to any legal offices yet since they charge consultation fees.

My understanding is drug offenses are viewed quite seriously at the ARO, even if it's legally obtained in Canada. Time since incident also seems to be a huge factor.

Is it worth the shot? On paper I am a model citizen. No criminal history, employed by a reputable company in SF and I have no intention of establishing residence in the U.S after a few years of working. If I do get a waiver then I can easily apply for a new TN at the border.

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@ John If a Canadian is caught bringing drugs into the USA he will likely need a waiver. The purpose of the video is to explain the particulars to the individual. The cost is irrelevant if the gentleman is successfully cleared to enter the USA. Discount Waiver Companies will not know how to get around these kinds of cases. We handle these all the time at the Surrey and Vancouver locations. They have to be done a certain way to ensure success.

The gentleman is free to hire whomever that he sees fit. However, the DWCs and a number of lawyers will not know how to properly clear these cases. We have the adjudication sheets that CBP uses to clear waivers. Hence, we can tweak his case to ensure that it is successful since we know what they are looking for.

If he uses a DWC and gets denied, it will be a lot more work to get him cleared. Hence, he is paying for quality and experience. This is akin to me either taking my Lambo to either a Lambo certified auto technician/delearship or Midas Mufflers for servicing.

Ken Scott
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K SCOTT replied 4 weeks ago   #6


Your just going to get him an overpriced waiver. Caught bringing drugs into the US...and your going to get him entry without a waiver? No.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #5

Anyway, here is the video that we promised the gentleman. I have not read what the troll has produced on this page. However, the gentleman can hopefully use some of this info to sort out his own case. This is irregardless as to whether he decides to retain to sort out his issue. Again, always providing helpful content to help people resolve their border-crossing issues. These companies will try their best to prevent us from helping people. We endeavour to thwart futile efforts and serve the good people here on this forum. Be wary of the $699 Batman Pardon Waiver Expert type Discount Waiver companies that will suck out your dollars just to try and survive.

Anyway, this is the revised link since the first video had technical issues. J.R., I have addressed the issues that this gentleman will face if this case is not properly prepared. He will get royally fucked by a Discount Waiver Company that will suck his dollars away and he gets a denial. His case can indeed get cleared since this is one of the areas that we specialize in. I understand that you do not have the resources or education that we do to get people cleared. I can only the suggestion that perhaps you need to obtain more education to overcome your issues.

Ken Scott
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K SCOTT replied 1 month ago   #4


You never mentioned the location of your "office" where "Richard" is. Where is it?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #3

Well, this is an area that we specialize in since we have this listed on our home page. We are also based in Surrey BC, Burnaby, Vancouver, and other locations. We have been sending nonessential people to the border now to file. You have to be incredibly careful with these cases since you could easily deem yourself in other ways.

These cases can get you permanently banned where it would be hard to get a waiver IF THEY ARE NOT PREPARED CORRECTLY. Be wary of $699 Batman Pardon & Waiver Discount Waiver type companies. You case will need special rehabilitation documented and presented that others will not know how to do.
You are welcome to attend to our Surrey office and chat with Richard on this matter. Yes, we definitely need to see the sworn statement since you may or may not be deemed inadmissible under other immigration categories besides criminality. We have made YouTube videos on this very thing. Anyway, give us a shout if you need assistance.

I think we will do a YouTube instructional video on this topic and point out some areas of concern. However, for the moment, check out our video below.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 1 month ago   #2


To give you a better idea of your chances, I would have to see the paperwork when they denied you entry. I never charge consultation fees so willing to give my opinion for free.

Its good to get a couple of opinions, so you can know your "chances". Avoid ANYONE charging a consultation fee. I know Michelle would also give you her opinion for free. Your PAYING for expertise. Seeing more cases makes me better at what I do. My "opinion" is valuable but your experience and documentation has value to me as well.

John Rogers

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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