Canadian Pardons Are Virtually Superfluous

K SCOTTposted 2 weeks ago

This thread is about something that happened to us on Friday. We have a client that signed up with us around Nov 2020. The gentleman went through 3 Ontario Discount Waiver Companies to get a waiver but they really pushed the pardon on him. Apparently, he paid an accumulated total of approximately $3000 to try and get this service from these businesses. I told him that we can still try and order his files anyway since I suspected that something was wrong. This was based on more detailed information than I am posting here.

Anyway, a certain Alberta court wrote back and provided his court file. I initially did not make the connection until I reviewed his file. I called him and he stated that the last DWC told him in 2017 that they would send him a copy of his pardon. Obviously, he received nothing, so I told him that I suspect that nothing was done regarding this case. I have given him the number of the Parole Board of Canada to inquire as to whether an actual pardon was submitted on his behalf.
Anyway, he asked me if he really needed a pardon and I said no in his case. He just shrugged off the $3000 at that point. We are preparing his waiver case to be filed for when the border opens. He did say that he chose us because he could tell in our videos that are straight up and honest

Anyway, the point is that I asked him if the 3 businesses tried to push a pardon on him and he said yes. So now we have a gentleman that is out of $3000 and did not receive any service whatsoever.

People, listen to my words....You do not need a Canadian Pardon in most cases. I will say the exceptions are if you need one for employment, possibly something involving sports coaching or dealing with youth. We are also in the pardon business and I am telling you to save your money unless you need it for one of the 3 reasons. I will ask this gentleman if he is willing to be a guest on our internet talk radio show and he can tell his story. I do not want to seem like a parrot but I keep warning people about the dangers of these DWCs and their high-pressure sales tactics. I already know that I will get major pushback in this room from the mellow fellow since pardons are his bread and butter.

However, nothing will stop us from getting our message out to help you guys protect yourselves. I have personally made a number of favourable contacts on this forum and we have enrolled them into our special affiliates program. So save your money for a pardon unless it is absolutely needed. If it is an extremely complex pardon, then I would say that you need someone that has special experience from previously working for a Canadian law enforcement agency. I am referring to Michelle in this room. If it is moderately complex, then we could definitely do it. If it is a simple pardon case, then you can do it yourself.

I am debating whether to do a video explaining how CBP decides to approve a waiver and showing the approval criteria/information that they use to come to this decision. I have already posted a video regarding their processing of Sex Assault related cases and why they get denied. This is especially the case when the person uses a DWC or an incompetent lawyer. Here are the videos that you can use to do your own pardon if you have a simple/less complex case.

Ken Scott
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Yeah, you should feel sorry for yourself and yes you are indeed an embarrassment to the waiver industry. Although not the DWC industry.

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #9


Embarrassing. I actually feel sorry for you.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #8

@ John Thank you sir for falling into my Btw I thought your grade 3 self admitted "safe space" room that you created was to be used for your tantrums? You are the one that has to repeatedly cross in your Olds Delta 88 by way of Niagara into

Anyway, you are singing my song again when I said the Discount Waiver Companies will push back at us for making this post. However, I have a serious and logical question that the readers are likely interested in. How does your last post/my family relate to a person not needing a Canadian Pardon? John, you are indeed a sugar-sweet guy but you do not know anything about me. You only know what I choose to disclose to you sport. However, sir, I know a lot more about you...More than you actually realize sport!!! Sorry but I gotta use your Baby Boomer Vietnam war era jargon for you to

You are again making my case for me when we tell people that the DWCs are often not qualified to do this work. Plus you know what my mellow fellow?? Our message is catching on. Half the people that contact us from here do not care anything about you or what you say. The other half seem to find it amusing. Why do you get so upset when I tell people to save their money and not waste it on a pardon unless they actually need one based on the aforementioned reasons? Why did you try to push a quick pardon dollar store sale on the short girl that came in and walked out laughing at you? If you lie and say that it did not happen, I can do a talk radio show episode and interview her regarding it. I do want to thank you because now you indeed made the statements that I wanted you to put in

You see my mellow fellow.....I was waiting for you to make another negative comment so it could give me the excuse to make this announcement here. This is something that a lot of the people that call us already know. John, we have been using you for the past 4 years in many ways. I needed a bogeyman to show the smaller fish clients that competitors say harsh things about us based on pure jealousy. You have been the best one John but here is the ace up my sleeve. I previously told you that we have established business networking relationships with a lot of the people on this forum.

However, what I did not tell you was some of what we have done. We have partnered with individuals here that have various small businesses throughout Eastern and all of Canada. John, they are now agents for us and get paid a fee for hosting our clients at their locations. An example is that we may charge $2000 on a moderately complex case. So the client comes to their office and meets one of our affiliates. We process the case and the affiliate gets $500 for their time and effort. If it is a $1000 case, then the affiliate gets $250. If it is a $4000 case, then the affiliate gets $1000.

Oh, and John...they get this for only an hour's worth of work and some of them actively seek out clientele for us. Also, sport note that our fees can range from anywhere from $950 – $10,000 a case. So sport, who do you think that people here will listen to quicker? A Discount Waiver Company employee that is a self-admitted racist or a U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst with a 98-99% approval rate and an unquestionably proven track record of success?

I have had 4 years to set this all up John and I could not have done it without you being the big bad John, I have literally been helping people financially deal with COVID. Oh and John, the affiliate gets their waiver, pardon case, or whatever done for free, and I literally get free office space & free staff associates in Eastern

I understand that you do not have a similar financial ability due to your inability in obtaining and handling wealth. Maybe I will give your boss Jennifer that call now with a business proposition. It could work since you gave me the invite in early 2019 or 2020 call You remember when you gave me that invite don’t you John Boy??

So now my fine feathered friend, you understand one of the ways that I have been playing you for the past 4 years by using your negative words to make money for my firm. It was tough since I was hoping that the old man that married Michelle's former boss would be the pigeon. He figured it out and did not fall for it. The same goes for a certain gentleman out East that also declined. However, you sir have unquestionably exceeded my expectations for success.

In closing, the only thing that I ask you is to please keep up the good work sport since now I need funding for a new project. Oh and John I forget to say that the icing on the cake is that I have a stooge(you) that is an admitted racist doing all this for a guy like me for free...Some of the people that call us from here know this and this is why you are the laughing stock of the forum

You were right about the not having kids part since I have no interest in this area. The other parts...well come over to Surrey B.C. (or even London U.K.) and you will see how embedded me and my firm are in the community. Again, I can definitely tell that you have no experience in handling or obtaining wealth or business management. My buddy in your Lower Manhattan area is still in need of a houseboy..smh lol

Do you want to know the sweet part about all of this John?? You still do not have enough common sense to realize what you are doing and you will continue to give trolling comments. John, I own you, you work for me for free and I am so glad that I have control of your

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #7


You have no family, no children, you are not part of the BC community at all (you live in England) and I suspect your not even a Canadian Citizen. I guarantee you travel on a UK passport. You are apparently self-employed

Therefore, you are telling people who ARE Canadians, living in Canada, with jobs here, many with kids and wives/husbands that they don't need a pardon. Having a criminal record NEVER helps you. You don't do pardons, so you have no clue on the real impact a criminal record has on people. I won't bore everyone with the reasons, but anyone with a record certainly finds it can be an issue. Worst of all, a Pardon cannot be done "quickly". So you need the pardon in place BEFORE an opportunity arises. Or you miss out.

@Ken, before you start with the "oh, your giving illegal advice" maybe find the alleged cease and desist order you sent me, all the times you claimed you called the US authorities...your threats are a bit of a running joke. Your the boy that cried "help" but never followed through. Save it.

[ J Rogers appended this reply on February 11, 2021 @ 1:09 pm ]

Also, look at the title. "Virtually superfulous"? I don't care about typos, but when you mangle English like this then claim you went to University....its a bit obvious you barely finished high school.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #6

@Michelle Yes, I agree with you that the question from Jess needs more clarification.

@John I do not have the knowledge regarding Canadian immigration so I cannot elaborate on this question. In fact, any questions on Canadian immigration should not be touched unless you are a licenced Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer. Canada is extremely strict with this law and will prosecute people that practice Canadian immigration law without a licence. Making these statements may constitute giving legal advice John and is indeed subject to prosecution.

Also, the post is titled correctly. You do not need a Canadian pardon unless it is for the aforementioned reasons as listed. Coaching a sports team is one of the relevant reasons to get a pardon. However, not everyone is a coach or working for an employer 9-5. The main point of the post is about the DWCs constantly trying to force a pardon down the throats of people that really do not need them.

In B.C., we have a large number of self-employed business owners that do not coach sports. These guys will get zero benefits from obtaining a pardon and we do not even offer it to them. They even ask me if the pardon will benefit them in their case and I tell them no. Hence, they saved spending unnecessary dollars on a virtually worthless pardon. I also will not name the company since I am not going to give any free advertising to these companies. I have repeatedly said that these companies are located in Ontario, have dollar store prices, and they all seem to have the same high-pressure sales tactics. If the gentleman agrees to an interview, then he can name the company.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213


K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #5

@Jess E, if you could be more specific, sorry, I am not understanding. Is your RCMP report clear in Canada? Is your FBI report clear? Usually, if your RCMP report came back clear, you do not need a Pardon.. However, you might need a file destruction if you have an open FPS Number on CPIC? This means that you were charged with something, but not convicted in the courts..

Michelle replied 2 weeks ago   #4

@Jess E

Can you give more details? Are you American or Canadian? (citizen?)

The RCMP report only shows American convictions if you were transferred and served some of your time in Canada. So with a criminal record in the United States, it would be expected that your RCMP record would be blank.

If your Canadian, then you need a waiver. If your American you MIGHT need a Rehabilitation of TRP.

If you give some more details, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #3

What if you record is clear in canada and you only have one in the usa rcmp report came back clear did you still need a pardon or rehabilitation

Jess E replied 2 weeks ago   #2


The post seems to be more "buyer beware" than "is a pardon necessary?"

Great story about the poor client, but you need to name the company involved if you want us to take this seriously. Bad apples need to be called to account. Using DWC or being vague helps no one and makes it sound like a Quonon conspiracy. If the story is true, naming ABC Pardons won't have consequences.

Pardons are necessary. A criminal record will NEVER benefit you. Forget travelling to the US if you can't find a job. With Covid-19 the economy has a shrinking job market. You can't even drive for UBER if you have a criminal record. Less jobs=less opportunity. A criminal record is just going to make that harder.

Here is a little story back. A guy works hard labour jobs and hates it. 2 years ago he applied to the TTC and inquired about a pardon with me. We texted back and forth for almost 2 years. He was put off by the long never started. Anyways, he got word form a friend that this TTC job he wanted is finally going to put through his application.....but he never applied for the pardon so, he is going to lose out. He told me 90k a year, union, finally a stop to the hard labour.

Don't be like this guy. Get your Pardon DONE when you DON'T need it, and you will never regret it.

I also coach basketball, and I get dads all the time that really want to help coach, their sons are basically begging them to get involved, and they can't pass the record check. I have coached rugby, football, soccer and now basketball. Nothing beats being involved in a sport with your kids. A Pardon can make that happen.

Also, as Ken will tell you, if your not a Canadian Citizen, with certain records they can deport you. Right Ken?

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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