Canadian Pardon Scam

K SCOTTposted 3 weeks ago

We will be interviewing a gentleman today that apparently got ripped off by an Ontario discount waiver company regarding a pardon. Apparently they charged him the "executive package that expedites the pardon process." We informed him that there is no such thing as an expedited pardon. Each pardon is adjudicated on the individual merits of the case by the Parole Board of Canada. Also, pardons are not necessarily "easy" to get depending on the individual circumstances of the actual case.

The company also essentially guaranteed that he would not need a waiver for his offence if he got a pardon. Again this is not true since a pardon has nothing to do with crossing the border and CBP has many methods to obtain the relevant criminal information on a case. You may get by for a bit but they will eventually obtain the information one way or another.

This is another example of these cheap Ontario waiver companies attempting to push a product on you that you may not necessarily need. We also gave him the link where he can learn how to do his own pardon and save money.

This will be a call in episode and people are welcome to phone in and ask us any questions. The episode will start at 6pm Toronto time. Click on the link below to listen to the show. The call in number is (516) 418-5410.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ken are you trying to solicit clients? No one is calling into your program unless they’re pathetic and you paid them. Lol and stop your obsession with people offering services that are cheaper than yours. You do your thing and let the other waiver companies do theirs. I actually watched one of your videos and nothing beneficial in it. You just yap yap yap about other waiver companies and their fees and made silly remarks about what it’s going to cost potential clients if they get refused. I see so many people here posting the successes they have had in obtaining their waivers and none mentioned you so clearly these so called “discount waiver companies” and people doing it themselves are doing it right! You can’t have that many clients and still find time to make such ridiculous post and videos. I thought you had something to offer so I clicked on the link you posted. Sigh. I wish I could get that 10 minutes of my life back. Your videos don’t even get likes. You just love the camera and you’re obsessed with these other pardon and waivers companies.

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